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Sales Secret #4 : How To Close Deals

If you want to close more sales you have to learn how to close more deals.   Sounds a bit simplistic but the reality is the diminishing production of the salesperson starts with the inability to close the sale. Why prospect, make cold calls, or follow-up if you continue to fail in the close? This […]

Sales Secret #3: How to Respond to Customer Objections

Learn how to respond to customer objections. One of the greatest sales secrets you can learn is the ability to always handle your customer’s objections, complaints, and stalls. The truth is, having a customer in your store is a lot like taking someone into your home. First, you have to make them comfortable, introduce them, […]

Sales Secret #2: Get More Prospects

Get more prospects. You need to prospect.   I wasn’t always as well-known as I am today. I had to knock on thousands of cold doors just to get people to even know me when I started my first business. That is the main purpose of prospecting—to get people to know about you. Your problem […]

How To Manage A Team From Afar

How do you manage a remote team? With businesses ordered shut and workers having to stay home, businesses across the world are busy working remotely. The problem is, while many managers feel comfortable managing from the office in-person, it’s a different animal to manage remotely. You rely on email, zoom calls, slack, texts, phone calls, […]

How to Work From Anywhere

Want to know how to work from home during this pandemic? We have a few tips. With millions of people working from home because of the coronavirus, it has never been more important to know HOW to get things done away from the office. The main problem is that easy access to too many comforts […]

Sales Secret #1 : The Value of Follow Up

Let’s talk about the value of follow up Value of follow up. If you have a business, the first secret you must learn in order to make more sales is to recognize the value and understand the lost art of follow-up. How many deals have you lost because you haven’t followed up enough? Too many! […]