3D House & Home - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

3D House and Homes, founded by Tyresse Pointer understands that it’s important for everyone’s home to be beautiful as well as energy-efficient. Which is why Tyresse and his team have set out on a mission to provide specialized home improvement products and services that improve of life and increase the value of a home.

There are lots of choices when it comes to home improvement companies, however few company can guarantee and deliver the customer service and product quality that 3D House and Home offers. When choosing to work with 3D House and Home it will save you money by helping you drastically cut down heating and cooling cost.

“By listening to Grant we’ve been holding gross and value instead of dropping price and went from $20,000 to $100,000 week just two- weeks into training.”

Tyreese Pointer Owner & CEO
3D House & Home

  • Sales training for inexperienced reps
  • Understanding of a sales process
  • Effective communication with buyers
  • 30 minutes of mandatory training daily
  • Training completed every morning on a structured schedule
  • Consistency and dedication to the training content with no days off
  • 500% increase in weekly order value
  • 20% increase in individual order value
  • Broke company record in weekly sales
  • Increase confidence in sales skills

Tyresse invested in Cardone University to turn his inexperienced sales consultants into full-grown professionals that were able to effectively communicate with their buyers.

Tyresse and his team were able to take the orders that were coming in but were missing deals when getting objections that couldn’t be handled by just product knowledge.

In order to capture these deals it would require a higher level of sales technique and mind shift towards becoming a true professional.


Tyresse and his team jumped in full force with complete commitment from the start of training.

They scheduled a mandatory 30 minutes of training each day with no days off. Training was completed at the same time each day to build a strong hand consistent habit of daily training.


After training on Cardone University for less than a month, 3D House and Homes have seen a 20% increase in their average order value.

Just within the first 2-weeks, Tyresse alone saw an increase of $80,000 in sales because of his training on the presentation. He was able to build his product’s value rather than negotiate only on price and actually ended up increasing his pricing.

In their most recent week, they’ve reached an all time company record.

“By listening to Grant we’ve been holding gross and value instead of dropping price and went from $20,000 to $100,000 week just two-weeks into training.”
– Tyresse Pointer, Owner & CEO