4-EverGreen - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

4-Evergreen Lawn Care was officially established in 2001. What started out as one man with a dream and a truck, has turned into a dedicated team of highly trained individuals and a fleet of trucks providing quality lawn care throughout West Tennessee. We started our business from the ground up, and our success is founded in our commitment to building great relationships with our customers.

  • Increase sales and profits
  • Establish formal training curriculum
  • Daily relevant training for the whole team
  • 100% buy-in from the top down
  • 20% increase in revenue in the first month training on Cardone University
  • 25% increase in units sold in the first month training on Cardone University
  • Improved confidence with customer interactions

I have always had a good group of guys and gals that were willing to work hard (I thought) but did not have the formal training in place we needed. I quickly realized that our time management for our team needs to be improved in order to make more calls, see more people, schedule more appointments, and follow up relentlessly. We also need daily training which helps to keep us focused on the day’s opportunities. Lastly, we need to improve on asking one more time in our closes, not matter what. In the past we (my team) may or may not even ask for the sale, but when they did it would often times lead to “shut down city” and they would simply give up.


We now have daily meetings and to discuss what’s working and what’s not working in our pitches and deals and why. We seem to be dissecting certain selling opportunities to see what actually took place in the transaction, whereas before, we did not. We also require each member of our staff to watch 3 segments of Cardone U first thing in the morning. Our full time sales guys/ gals are not only required to watch the 3 segments in the morning, but also another 3 segments after lunch. The rules for training are simple, you either do the segments required or you find something else to do as far as employment.


We have definitely seen an increase in our attitude and confidence due to all of the awesome material at your finger tips inside the University. We have also seen an increase in revenue generated from our year-to-date comparisons. As of now, we have a 20% increase in revenue and a 25% increase in units sold.

Being from a small rural area, (11th poorest county in the US as a matter of fact) I had so many haters and people doubting me and my vision in the small community I grew up in. It has certainly been a blessing for me to have a group of people who care about my goals and success as much as I do.