Badcock Furniture - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

“In mid December I contacted Matt Pridemore, another Badcock Furniture owner, asking what the heck he was doing now that kept his stores in the top 10. He said that he found a fantastic new training platform that was paying great dividends for his staff and his business. He allowed me to preview the platform using his login and I was seriously impress.”

“I showed it to my managers and they were very excited. We signed on with Cardone a couple of months ago during a traditionally slow period. By the second month we really started to see serious results from our staff who were engaged with the training. The salespersons who did the training were up 25%-96% over the previous month.”

Andy Johnston

  • Increase overall sales
  • Put a stop to the traditional “slow-season”
  • Improve rank within his group of stores
  • Consultants trained from the Cardone New Hire Certification
  • Consultant are responsible for completing individual daily training
  • Managers included training from Cardone University in sales meetings
  • Reps on the program increased 25%-96% by their third month
  • Stores reached record month during their traditional slow season
  • Newest sales rep increased by 55%
  • Tenured sales-person increased 47% after completing the new hire training

Andy was looking for a solution to the traditional “slow-season” in January and February. Stores in the group were already seeing a decrease in production and he was looking for a solution.

He connected with another store owner who was already seeing success with training his team on Cardone University and after reviewing with his managers his team was on board and excited to get started. The initial goal was to prevent the downward sales trend.


The first step was to get the management team connected with a Performance Manager from CTTI to nail down a training plan and establish accountability practices.

Once the managers were introduced to the program a CTTI sales manager, Natasha Brooks, conducted a sales rally to introduce the sales team to Grant Cardone and guide them with quality practices on the program. Each sales rep is held responsible for completing the New Hire Certification as their initial curriculum.


Andy’s reps on the program increased between 25%-96% over their production from prior months. His two stores hit their best month ever during a traditionally slow period and were the only two stores in the group to see an increase during a season where most stores experience a decrease.

An added benefit has been that Andy is better able to identify who on his team is committed to a career and not just a job. Training engagement and drive to be better using the training is a clear sign of how successful each person wants to become.

“By the second month we really started to see serious results from our staff who were engaged with the training.”

“It opened our eyes to the order takers in our organization that need to be replaced. I can say the investment has paid huge benefits and we are just getting started.”

Andy Johnston