Crossfit Ruston - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

Crossfit Ruston strives to make better humans, it’s THEIR mission to optimize YOUR human condition.

They’ve directly changed hundreds of lives over the past few years and operate with the datum that the better YOU get, the better we all get. Evan and his team are always creating an environment for staff, clients, and the community that improves each individual’s’ lifestyle.

Their philosophy is the result of years of training, education, and proven metrics of success. Their dedication has always
been to helping you save money on healthcare, learn to use your body, avoid injury, look better naked, and become hard to kill.

Evan Derveloy
Crossfit Ruston

  • Increase revenue
  • Level up his team’s skillset
  • Be proactive in regards to improvement
  • CEO leads by example, committing to personally training every day
  • Managers complete 5 chapters daily
  • Everyone completes the new hire curriculum and is working on becoming Cardone Certifed
  • On track to see a 270% growth in revenue during their first year on Cardone University
  • Increased organic leads and client referrals

Evan rolled out Cardone University with his team as a way of staying on the offense when it comes to growing his business rather than getting stuck in the day to day busy work as many owners do.

He was familiar with working 19 hour days only to become exhausted and not see the expected returns on his time.

His targets were to level up his team’s sales ability as well as improve his own skillset and take his business to the next level.


The approach to see quick improvement started from the top down. Evan personally committed to training daily, regardless of distractions..

He carved out time for self improvement and lead his other managers to also train daily, afterwards they cascade lessons learned amongst the team.

Everyone trains on the Selling Basics first and then on Understanding the Buyer.


Evan, owner of Crossfit Ruston, has personally committed to daily training and is on track to see a 270% growth YOY during his first year on Cardone University.

The biggest factor to their results on the program has been leadership’s commitment to prioritize personal development on a daily basis.

Evan and his wife were also able to use the data from Cardone University to see a 10X increase on their secondary business and have now successfully launched their third business.

Evan Derveloy – Owner
Ruston Crossfit