Energy Comfort Systems - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

I honestly cannot imagine Energy Comfort Systems without Cardone U. It has given our team a new level of thinking, our closing rates are up roughly 30%, we have a new tool to use when recruiting, and we have several guys and girls who I honestly believe I would have never been able to give them what they need if not for the Cardone training.


I have a guy that made $36,000 in 2013, in 2014 he made $70,000, and after getting on Cardone University he made over $200,000 last year in SALES!!!! At one point he told me that he “would never be in sales.”

  • To scale business
  • Recruit and onboard with ease
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Daily training on Cardone University
  • Duplication of Cardone Strategies
  • Increase Gross Sales 96% YOY in the 9th month on Cardone University
  • 125% increase in Gross Sales YOY in the 10th month on Cardone University
  • October 2013 gross sales = $101,000
    October 2014 gross sales = $211,000
    October 2015 gross sales = $475,000
    (after almost 1 full year on the training)
  • Just launched 4th dealership
  • Secured ourselves as the industry leader

Prior to Cardone U, we struggled with overall “structure”. I had 10 years in the industry and had somewhat “flat lined” in growth because I wasn’t giving my employees the structure of daily sales training, communication, and personal development. I also struggled with what to do with a “brand-new” guy to give them the best chance for success.


We’ve implemented a NATIONAL WAKE UP CALL daily at 8:30 am!!!! We meet with all local employees every Monday morning and spend time “cleaning up the messes from the prior week, and preparing for the week ahead. We currently do 6 segments a day, and discuss at least 1 segment every morning. There is no incentive for doing the training other than they will be left in the dust if they choose to not participate.


The biggest thing that has happened with the curriculum is that now when I recruit people – I can onboard them with ease. That has made a huge impact in getting good people on our team and also weeding the bad ones out.