Mainstream Electric, Heating & Cooling - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

Mainstream Electric, Heating & Cooling is a residential and commercial electrical service and repair company serving Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Hayden, Athol, and other locations inside the greater Spokane area.

Mainstream is founded on the principle of delivering quality service that’s worth telling your friends about. Their expert technicians not only fix problems
but also make sure they provide the best solution for any task. From the moment you call Mainstream you can expect to be greeted by people who want to help you.

They’re unmatched in their industry because they understand customer satisfaction is the measure for success. Mainstream encourages every member of the team to self-improve and further their own education by providing on-going training for all technicians and staff with technical courses and customer service improvement. If you’re looking for a company that cares for its customers, its employees, and proudly stands behind their work then look no further than Mainstream Electric, Heating & Cooling.

  • Improve closing ability
  • Increase average sale amount
  • Close deals being left on the table
  • Daily schedule of 3 chapters per day completed individually
  • Discussion of training content in a group setting
  • Group training using boot camps to allow staff to learn, develop, and role play vital sales skills
  • Increased average sale value by 70%
  • Average ticket size increase of 86.4%
  • Changed the team’s perspective in how they see sales
  • Provided sales skills to match already exceptional service skills

Todd Damschen invested in Cardone University to change his staff’s perception about sales as a whole and to help them develop from salespeople that take orders to professionals that can handle objections and turn opportunities into deals.

His team had done a great job in building value and servicing the customer, but at the end of the day they were giving up on stalls and other objections that could be overcome by practiced sales professionals.

This would require sales skills to be developed as well as a change in mindset for them to understand that when you close a deal and sell your product, you’re also helping the customer connect with the best possible provider to handle their business needs.


The first step in getting the team engaged with training was to meet with management and establish the curriculum as well as expectations on the program.

Afterwards, Natasha Brooks from the CTTI team held a sales rally with the staff to relay the importance of their personal improvement and how to get the most from the platform.

The staff began on a mandatory curriculum of 3 chapters per day with management supplementing the individual training with a group discussion of the content every week.

The team also implemented a structured daily “boot camp” meeting from the platform which allowed staff to learn, develop, and role play vital sales skills.


Mainstream Electric Heating & Cooling has been training on Cardone University for 2 months and has seen a 70% increase in the average sale amount, while individual ticket size has also increased by 86% on average.

The team is much more likely to create sales out of opportunities because they see selling in a different light. They now understand that they’re helping the customer to make the best possible decision for their service needs. Rather than give up when a customer “needs to think about it”, they now know exactly how to handle the objections they get on a daily basis.

“They started practicing objections and rebuttals and their success just started skyrocketing…”

“Training gave them closing techniques, statements, understanding of customer reactions, and an enthusiasm for sales…”

Todd Damschen – CEO
Mainstream Electric Heating & Cooling