Premier Pools & Spas - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

“Historically we’ve sold from 9 to 11 million, while training on Cardone University we’re at 23 million for the year so far”

“I’ve seen a massive change in my people, my guys go through several no’s before a yes. They handle the objections and it’s becoming second nature to them.”

Why did you invest in your people?

We’re in the residential construction industry. We sell custom pools that can range from $30,000 to $2,000,000. That means that we have versatile clientele who earn anywhere from $60,000 per year to millions of dollars. We wanted our people to have a positive attitude and were looking for closing tactics that apply our clients.

What were the results?

We were at 9 million in sales the year before last, then we were at 11 million for last year, and this year while training with Grant we’re at 23 million for the year so far. On top of that our company also won #1 in customer service in the US from 4,600 pool companies and builders.

Our team has a different morale. Grant has a certain attitude with his motions and movement and our team has that mentality now. In sales, morale is one of the biggest things you can have. Now they’re walking around like they can sell anybody.

What did you do to achieve this success?

Training every day is absolutely mandatory. The only exception is during our sale months when we lower the number of lessons required. Every week we go over the training together as a group.

On Tuesdays we do a round robin quiz on handling objections with the team. If their response differs from how Grant handles the situation they flunk and have to go back to Cardone University to review that objection.

Top Benefits Achieved

  • Increased year over year revenue by 209%.
  • Awarded #1 for customer service from over 4600 pool companies.
  • A boost in morale and more confident salespeople.