Quest Education - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

Most of Daniel’s team at Quest Education has been with the company for over a year. As the company’s Vice President of Sales and also trainer, Daniel’s next step in growing the business was to put energy towards the company’s direction. What he needed was a way to keep improving the team while he put his focus on the company’s direction. By implementing a culture of training Daniel was able to help his team give their customers a more consistent experience between salespeople and increase the company’s monthly sales revenue by 33%.

  • Implement a culture of training in the Company.
  • Give their customers a more consistent experience between salespeople.
  • Increase the company’s monthly sales revenue by 33%.
  • At first, Daniel was training his team members. For him to be able to focus on the company’s direction while still building a culture of training, he connected with David Bradley from the Cardone Training Technologies team to roll out the program.
  • Everyone completes the training before noon each day and a training meeting is held to review the assigned content for the day.
  • Another way that Daniel has used the platform to establish a training direction is with the use of the training calendar. He assigns a specific section of content using the platform’s calendar feature and it directs his team members into the course of his choosing for their assigned training.
  • Using a suggestion from David Bradley, Daniel started his team’s training with a structured approach. Each morning his team trains from 2 chapters on the Cardone Certification path and also completes 2 chapters that Daniel assigns from a specific course for the week.
  • Quest Education has achieved massive results in a short time period through consistent training and a structured approach on their leadership’s end to make sure the team is accountable.
  • Cardone University has helped them see an increase of 33% in monthly sales revenue by helping their team produce more and reach a stable monthly baseline to their sales figure.
  • Rather than seeing a low month followed by a high month they’ve reached a new level of production and are now consistently seeing the type of results they like.

The shift in Daniel’s focus came from a need to find a way to keep the company revenue consistent month after month. The monthly figure would either fall below average or greatly exceeded the average but didn’t offer a stable base to improve from. He know that to get this he’d need to promote a culture where improvement was the normal and training was something that everyone was involved with.