Sungrade Solar - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

“We started with just our sales team on CU, after a large amount of success and an amazing increase in performance, we decided to give everyone in our org access. From accounting to software and engineering, everyone in our org benefits from it!

1 year in, we have done 24 million in revenue, we have 4 offices in different locations, over 80 staff members, and close to 1% of the Solar Energy market share.

With the negotiating skills learned from CU, we’ve established partnerships with different finance companies giving us access to over $2 Billion in capital for solar projects.

Alex, one of our new hires, was able to earn $19k in commission his first month in, he says without Grant’s follow-up techniques this would never have happened.”

Zain Jan
VP of Sales
Sungrade Solar

  • Build an experienced sales staff
  • Establish Sungrade Solar in the market
  • Grow the sales team
  • 6 chapters of training before 9am
  • Open accountability, everyone gets a daily text showing who’s on track and help keep each other accountable
  • They meet daily to do group training
  • 300% increase in sales volume
  • Average sales consultant has more than doubled income
  • Sungrade Solar grew to 4 locations and over 80 staff members in their first year

We started Sungrade Solar 1 year ago with minimal capital, limited experience, and virtually no training material. We knew in order to be successful we needed some sort of sales training.

Steve Spray from Grant’s team reached out but we were a bit skeptical and thought it was only for car salesman…After great follow up we decided to try Cardone University out.


Zain and his team committed to the training from day one. They wanted to follow the Cardone example so they began training on 6 segments every morning before 9am. Everyone gets a group message that shows training activity daily so they can hold each other accountable.

On Steve’s suggestion, the team also implemented a company training group chat where they all discuss takeaways, how they’ve been able to use the information, and share successes every day.


“Fair to say the ROI was there in the first week, our team closed 3x more deals and started showing up to work earlier and staying later. Instantly our culture changed overnight, it felt like a miracle.

Our average sales consultant has more than doubled their income from making $4k monthly to $10k.

When we first started it took around 3 weeks for an average new hire to close a deal, now our average hire closes a deal in just their first 3 days, all thanks to Cardone University’s sales techniques. With the help of CU we were able to cut the learning curve and shorten the sales cycle.”

Zain Jan
VP of Sales
Sungrade Solar