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Whether you're a salesperson, sales manager, entrepreneur or business owner Cardone University is your way to effectively sell yourself, your products, and your ideas to anyone!
THIS is your path to financial freedom.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long do I have access to the platform?
Depending on the offer you invest in. You have access the platform as often as you like during that time. If you invested in a monthly payment plan you have unlimited access forever until you cancel or discontinue payments. 
Is there a physical University to attend?
No. This university is online only for your convenience to be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet.
Who is this best suited for?
Anyone who wants to get more out of life and business. Artists, Automotive Salespeople, Doctors, Roofers, Phone Salespeople, and anyone else who has a dream that needs to be brought to market.
How long will it take to complete?
That depends on you. There are over 1500 segments of video on the platform. We suggest you do 6 segments per day plus the testing and it will take roughly one year to finish at this pace if you do not repeat any content. Our studies show that repeated content is retained better over time.
Is this for a company or a single user?
The special is for a single user, not a corporation or business.
***This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or store credits.***
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