Testimonials Grant Cardone Sales Training

In our industry, sales reps average of 12 accounts closed a month. Because of training, our sales reps average of 28 accounts closed a month. In the three months that we have been on CU, we have had a 200% increase in sales.

Since we made the commitment to train and hold our team accountable, our team is confident, empowered and passionate. They see we are committed to their development and it has created an amazing culture within the company. Our sales reps are loyal to the company and helping the growth of the company.

Sam Vail Vive Health Sales Team

We competed against all the Seeff branches in 6 countries to win this award and we’ve won the SeeffGroup overall best License award. Although the other offices are bigger than us, we won this award purely on production, expansion and market share.   We are the branch with the highest market share which is 43%.
It is a HUGE achievement!!!! THANKS TO all at Grant Cardone University for assisting us to have won this AMAZING award and THANKS GRANT……. It is BIG !!! When I started managing this company 10 years ago,  the company was the worst company in our town,   now we are SIMPLY THE BEST !!!!  and we are going for 80% market share !!!!

Alet Ollemans SEEFF Plettenberg Bay

I must say that even paying thousands per month for sales training may seem steep for my small sewing machine and vacuum stores, but just using the follow-up methods that I have been studying in the online chapters I sold just over $17,000 in equipment yesterday alone. Not to mention that some of my people have never been in professional sales before and now some of them sell at least $30k a month in the shop. I think we are just starting to really turn up the volume.

Chris Blakeman Owner | Blakeman Vacuum and Sewing

My team is loving the content. We’re on pace to beat last months production after two weeks on the program!

Alexis Aranda CFO, Pure Plumbing

Cardone University has been amazing for my business.  I watched a video where Grant said ” When I have a huge month I start looking for someone to fire” My company is killing it and I started looking for people to let go. I let go one of my top producers who refused to do Cardone Training. If they can’t be a team player then I don’t want them on my team. I don’t care how much they are bringing in.

Ryan Morrison Owner, Greenwood Funeral Home

Thanks to Grant and 10X I will not settle for anything other than the best for me and my crew. My business is thriving and we are getting ready to take on more employees.

Andre Hernandez HVAC contractor, Penn Air Services

I just completed my first chapter of training and all I can say is….Thank you. These videos can be so powerful to both young new salespeople and seasoned veterans. It brings to light how fun and rewarding a career in sales….on commission… can be if you are willing to commit to learning the great art of selling! LOVE IT!!

Brian Cheney Account Manager, Sprint

Thank you, I love Cardone University and have been meaning to let Steve or whomever know that my sales have practically doubled CONSITENTLY since plugging into this system! I recommend it all the time, I should be making commission and working with y’all I talk about it to clients so much, especially Vets. Get Fired Up!

Lisa Drudge lisamarie@2fearnot.com

I am doing every segment in Cardone University for the 2nd year in a row. In 2014 my company did 1.6 million.  Last year we did 2.4 million.  This year we will do around 3.5 million and I will be taxed on about 500K. You have been the single most influential factor in my companies and my personal growth. While only speaking to you directly briefly your accessibility is unbound and I am so proud to be associated with you. Thank you so much for all that you do.

David Supple CEO | nedc Design & Construction

I started with Cardone University 2 weeks ago. After studying The Price Myth, I was able to bring back a client we lost to a cheaper competitor, that will be worth over $60,000 to our company this year.

Adam Schroeder Sales & Marketing Manager / Distillata

Travis Brading

I heard of Grant about 6 months ago. I wanted everyone to know your stuff can help in any industry. I have tripled my contract value, booking more appointments than ever and crushing bids at a rapid pace! It is paying off huge!

Travis Brading Remodeling Contractor

This week we sold more advertising than in the last 8 months of 2015!!!! We 10X our monthly sales in just one week! 2 Days this week we made more sales in a day than what we used to do in previous months!

William and Astrid Ashurst

I’ve been in business for 20 months now. 2015 was my first full calendar year in business and thanks to you I did just over a half a million in sales. Thank you for ALL you’re doing.  I will 10x the $500,000+ I did in 2015 with Cardone U!

Darius Vega Hero Training Center

If you’re thinking about Cardone University, stop thinking and invest in your future. My productivity went up 80% after just 1 month of training.

Kimm Oilar Financial Consultant

Austin Mcgee

I recently enrolled in the Cardone University and as it paid for itself in just a few days in commission checks.  I’m looking forward to training with you all year long in the University!

Austin McGee WellDone Technology

Derek Vickers

I’m in insurance sales, and I purchased Cardone University for myself in December. I made my $1k back within 48 hours after just watching 8 or 9 videos. This program is magic!

Derek Vickers Aflac

Wow!! Made $16,000 since I started on Cardone University YESTERDAY MORNING!

Adrian B. Kierans President - CloverHill Capital Management

My team had sold $150,000 in new business for the first three weeks of the month. One phone call with Steve Spray walking us through quick solutions to use in Cardone University and my team sold another $150,000 in the last week of the month. They doubled in just one week what they had done in three full weeks prior to using the concepts in the program.

Patrick Walsh AirSign, Inc.

Ever since we started using the program it’s actually caused us to stop our regular advertising because we have become so busy in our stores that we cannot even keep up with the customers some days! We watch the sales meetings every morning and it keeps our sales staff motivated and they get inspired when they watch Grant. It has taken us to a whole new level and this is definitely greatly due to using Grant’s systems. Thank you!

Fred Isaac Furniture Discounters

I went through all of your online classes when I used to sell cars about a year ago. I moved on to make my production company successful and still use the tools you provided me on a daily basis. I have more projects then I can handle and am happier than I have ever been.

Donavon Thomas Loaded Dice Films

Within the first week of signing up with Cardone University my mentality changed and I was able to see results exponentially. I recruited more people in that time frame then I had in a long time. In addition, the training has been instrumental in the way I handle phone calls from the moment I pick up to the moment I hang up. It’s amazing material.

Jovan Payne

I am currently 3/4 of the way through these courses and they’re fantastic. Grant guides you through the fundamentals in a clear and concise way to show you how to sell any product or service. I particularly enjoyed “The most important sale” where he talks about how you need to fully believe and use the product/service you are selling. If you don’t see value in the item, others won’t see the value either. You need to sell yourself on the product 100% before you can successfully sell it to others day in and day out. Great advice!

Josh Gladstone

Hey GC you rock thanks for doing this. Feels great to go from Amateur To a Professional. I am still no pro, but I am making my way there. Almost a quarter thru the segments and I have learned so much. I have been in Sales for over 10 years (long Time) and this is the first time I’ve trained, but surely it’s not my last. Thank you once again!

Jason Sales

Become a Master of Sales by Learning from the Master of Selling! If you’re not convinced that Grant Cardone, is the best of the best on this planet, to teach you about selling and teaching sales, just Google his name — and verify his results and stature in the world! I’ve been in sales my entire life, sold thousands of items and trained dozens of people in sales — just to learn that I was an amateur at it when compared to Grant Cardone! He is the best — and I consider it the greatest opportunity that I’ve found so far to be able to learn directly from Grant. I first discovered Grant Cardone, while researching copywriting for the web. You see, online marketing, advertising and website content is a transfer of the skills of personal selling applied to print, web copy, and online video sales letters. Everything in this course can be applied to Online Business and Online Marketing. (I know, I’ve helped over 800 businesses go online) and I can assure you that if you do not put these lessons into practice in your online business — you will most likely join the ranks of millions of online failures. I would like to thank Grant Cardone for providing me the opportunity to shine and be my best and to become better!

Dallas Bowman

Grant Cardone! One of the greats! This is high-quality sales training and the value is outstanding! Grant Cardone is one of the best sales trainers out there and for the price you get complete and comprehensive training full of applicable content that anyone can benefit from! I would highly recommend these courses!

Mike Wellings

Outstanding, Hard Hitting and Insightful! Grant is a true sales pro.

Vaughn Taylor

Sales Strategy Unleashed! Do you want to be a pro and live the life you desire? Take these courses and learn some effective strategies that will help you master the art of selling. Your customers deserve the experience of you at your best. Grant Cardone’s training has given me the edge to understand the selling process and focus on the most important part of the sale, and that is “The Close.” Make this course part of your sales cycle and be prepared to reap some major benefits in gaining new clients and repeat business. You will also be motivated with the passion in which the course material is presented.

Stefan du Plooy

They say you are what you eat, Grant must have ate a f***ing Legend. Grant 4 President!

Garen Mantachian

100% Recommend to everyone. Grant Cardone tells you the importance of selling, even if you don’t like selling at all. We all know these skills are essential to the life we want to live. Act with urgency!

Alfredo Hernandez

Very useful information. Anyone who is even remotely related to sales should take this video training .. JUST AWESOME!!!

Nitin Kore

The fundamentals of selling is such a great course, I watch it over and over. Grant Cardone has infectious energy and real knowledge on sales, but more importantly, his understanding of how to interact with customers is priceless.

Douglas Bedford

Grant is such an engaging instructor. Great information!


Grant is the true master salesman, I’m glad that I invested in this. I’m gonna make millions!

Noel Parson

These courses are presented very well with so much useful information.

Steve V

What they don’t teach you this in college? Love Grant Cardone! I have gotten more value out of this than nearly all my undergrad business courses at a top public university. Absolutely recommend!

Thomas Nealon

I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses I’ve taken. Grant is a master at communicating and keeps your attention. I was constantly inviting my friends to join me and also learn. Thank you for your expertise. Very useful.


I am really enjoying Cardone University and wanted to say thanks. It has definitely helped me close more deals already. Thanks

Shane Renard

I made a financial sacrifice to subscribe to Grant Cardone’s Cardone University. By using the program faithfully, money will not be an issue any longer in the near future. Make the investment, it is worth every penny, because not only do you get valuable knowledge that will sky rocket your business, you get a company backing that knowledge that cares about people like me, the little guy and practices what it preaches! In a word, subscribe to Cardone University, it’s worth it, period!

Dan Perez

This is hands down the best training we’ve ever used. It’s concise, to the point and gets everyone motivated in a short period of time.

Ron Loree

Cardone University is amazing! It is 7:20 on a Saturday morning and I am so motivated to learn this stuff! It is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time!!! The support Steve Spray has provided is tremendous!!!! Grant truly is changing and inspiring the ‘good ole US of A’ and helping all of us to Create our “Own Economy” in this great nation we call America!

Jennifer Queen

I was making only about $4,000 to $6,000 per month selling copy and printing equipment to business offices. After 120 days on the program working with Steve I was making over $15,000 per month and by the time I was at twelve months on Cardone University I was making $20,000 and became the top sales person in my company. I, with no hesitation, renewed my subscription to Cardone University.

George Miller

Although I’ve been successful with my own personal projects, Grant’s advice has allowed me to create a service business that builds apps and websites for other people. Thanks to Grant’s books, I’ve increased my income to $350k+ a year and my savings account is on its way to being 100x what I started with. Grant’s advice also helped me dominate job interviews, close 80% of my leads and negotiate a mobile app acquisition deal worth $100k+. I know I just mentioned a lot of numbers, but I’ve just seen massive success with Grant’s Cardone University.