A&B Business Solutions


66% of salespeople hit the hardware & software sales goal and 30% more salespeople consistently hitting quota.” – Dennis Aanenson, Owner

“Instead of 2 people hitting quota, 50% of the sales team is hitting quota.” – Dennis Aanenson, Owner


  • 24% increase in YOY sales revenue.
  • 31% growth on bottom line.
  • 30% more salespeople consistently hitting quota.
  • Attrition rate is down 30%.66% of sales people are hitting the hardware & software sales goal of 30k in revenue.


A&B Business Solutions goal was to develop their sales force and to continue reaching new goals. The challenges they faced were similar to other companies in the document management technology industry, inconsistency with salespeople hitting quota and constant turn over.

The owner, Dennis Aanenson, knew that to solve this they’d have to make a change. He has now been training his people using Cardone University for the last 12 months. Every day his team trains on a consistent ongoing daily regiment.


  • With consistent training on Cardone University Dennis’s team has seen an increase in sales revenue, bottom line, and the number of salespeople hitting quota every month.
  • The bulk of the increase in his people’s success is coming from their skill-set in closing and getting commitments, as opposed to a common problem with most salespeople where they’re not asking for the business.
  • His team has better morale, there’s more team bonding, and his favorite result has been the increase in all around attitude.