Salesperson Skill Assessment

A sales team cannot win without recruiting high-performing salespeople. They must have the skills necessary to dominate their space and be impactful members of your company.

A recent article published by CareerBuilder revealed that almost 70% of companies reported making a bad hiring decision during the year. And 41% of those companies estimated the cost of those decisions at $25,000 and 24% of them estimated the cost as high as $50,000.

The best sales organizations are constantly asking the question: “How can I find top sales talent?”

Because we understand this problem and the opportunity it presents Cardone University incorporates a Pre-Hire Skill Assessment Tool. This sales training assessment tool accomplishes seamless JOB POSTING as well as a filter for every INCOMING NEW HIRE to your organization. This hiring tool allows you to post jobs within your organization using simple, pre-designed templates. Instantly post job listings with one easy click.

Post sales jobs, sales management jobs, sales administration positions, customer service jobs and more on any social platform. You can also share these listings free to 4 job posting sites, plus the recently added capability to post directly to Indeed for a paid posting.

An interested applicant fills out their data and is sent a sales skill and personality assessment. Upon completion of the assessment your hiring manager gets notified before you ever speak to the applicant.

  • Eliminate costly bad hires
  • Deliver a 20-40% reduction in turnover
  • Stop unnecessary interviews
  • Deliver top performers every time
  • Reach millions of job seekers
  • 92.6% Valid Assessments
  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Instant performance reports
  • EEOC compliance