Social Selling Mastery by Jamie Shanks

The modern buyer is online, digital and social in nature. How will your sales team find, educate and engage them? We’ve designed Social Selling Mastery™ as a prescriptive training program to help sales professionals bridge this gap. The program is continuous and focused on reinforcement to drive behavioral change at scale.

The result? A learning program that resonates with sales & marketing with a keen focus on building leads, pipeline and revenue. Don’t build a native program from scratch. Use Social Selling Mastery® and go to market faster to boost revenue!

With Jamie Shank’s Social Selling program you’ll get:

*Increase pipeline by 20%  in six months with the Social Selling Mastery® training program

  • Move your sales process from analog to digitalin 6 weeks – the largest Social Selling certification in the world.
  • 300+ global companies, 75,000+ sales, marketing and business leaders have been certified.
  • Learn how to master the fundamentals of finding, engaging and educating buyers using platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Begin to generate additional pipeline and revenue using digital strategies.