Sales Opportunity Assessments

Before an organization considers investing in traditional classroom-style training, online sales training, or a blended-learning sales training program it is integral to understand where their current opportunities for growth are.

The team at Grant Cardone Training University will help you uncover the biggest opportunity your team has by giving you a free Sales Opportunity Assessment. This will allow us to uncover your most important sales metrics to improve, give us a basic understanding of your sales process, and uncover the biggest challenges facing your team. The data we collect for your team will allow your Account Manager and Sales Training facilitator to build a profile of your needs and design a solution that will immediately impact your sales team’s efficiency and productivity.

  • Define Sales Channels and Corresponding Processes
  • Diagnose Deficiencies
  • Initial Sales Process Consultation
  • Collect & Evaluate Sales Conversion Data
  • Identify Potential Revenue Impact