• How to increase your production with your team remote
  • How to maintain your culture while based outside the office
  • Learn the most important KPI‘s to determine your success
SBA Loans
  • Learn what loans you qualify for
  • Learn the exact steps to access capital fast
  • Identify whether or not you should take the money
how to work from home
  • Discover how to maximize your productivity from home
  • Learn the key to staying focused while working from home
  • The three most important skills for working from home
  • Discover what programs are available that you qualify for
  • Identify the three critical areas to use stimulus money for maximum effectiveness
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  • Get a step-by-step process to create wealth from nothing
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  • The 12 commandments of business
  • Start your own 10x “clock”
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  • The #1 reason why most businesses fail
  • Recognize exactly what you must change
  • How to fill up your pipeline
  • Phone scripts
  • Increase your close rate over 200%
  • How to make sales in a lockdown
  • Discover why your life isn’t super right now
  • Get the formula for building the right goals
  • Identify the right thought process for your life
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The 10X Rule
  • Identify what’s holding you back in life
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  • Discover the difference between average and great
  • Receive grant’s four degrees of action
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Follow-Up, The Greatest Sales Secret
  • Learn How to Close the Unclosed Deals
  • Pick Up Extra Opportunities Seamlessly
  • Shorten Your Sales Cycles
  • Increase Your Profits
  • Breathe Life Back Into Dead Leads
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  • The top things NOT to worry about—and the things you MUST pay attention to
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1st-Million-Any-Economy-1280x720 (1)-min
  • Learn WHY you don’t have the income you need
  • Identify the lies that are holding you back
  • Spot your biggest excuses and eliminate them
  • Receive the framework to build your network
  • Discover the strategy to win almost every time
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Be Obsessed or Be Average
  • Get over 10+ hours of content
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  • Master your problems
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Selling Basics
  • Step by step process to a attain your targets
  • Strategies to become a professional
  • Know-hows of making the most important sale
  • Success rituals to control time
Understanding The Buyer
  • How to instantly build credibility
  • The secret to developing the power to predict
  • The ability to NEVER lose a deal over price
  • Understanding of the #1 RULE in selling
the sales process
  • The way to double your proposals presented to clients
  • Industry leading sales strategies and advice
  • The very BEST practices for fact finding and negotiating
  • The ability to create an automated cash flow sales process
theory of closing
  • The mistakes you must avoid in the close
  • The 3 things that will make you or break you
  • Super advanced closing strategies
closing strategies
  • An abundance of rebuttals to close the deal
  • Step by step situational breakdowns of negotiations
  • Access to the 17 things that will kill customer stalls
  • Advanced closes for every situation
internet lead response
  • How to increase contacts by 900%
  • The one thing that will KILL your chances of closing
  • 10 mistakes almost every company makes with internet leads
incoming calls
  • The amazing 1-call close
  • The key to setting appointments that show every time
  • The ability to make a BULLETPROOF incoming script
  • Skills to control the call NOT the caller
handling objections
  • Real time solutions to handling even the most difficult objections
  • Every objection that you will encounter handled
  • Instant correction
Top Traits of Great Salespeople
  • Secrets that only the successful know
  • The Cardone Path to Greatness
  • How to surround yourself with the successful
  • How the Greats handle failure and rejection
cold calling
  • Step by step process to build the perfect cold call
  • Strategies to handle objections on cold calls
  • Know-hows of getting past gatekeepers
  • Success rituals to attack your day
  • Ways to be remembered
  • Strategies to stand out from the crowd
  • Creative ways to follow-up with prospects
  • The secret to following-up persistently without being obnoxious
  • Mastering Sales Prospecting on the phone with 1 technique
  • Learn the easiest sales call you will ever make
  • Scripts on making the outbound sales call
  • The 9 hottest sales leads you are overlooking
grant cardone live events
  • Tap into the power of networking
  • Stay motivated no matter where you are in your career
  • Dominate in times of contraction
  • Pursue freedom by abandoning your comfort zone
  • Create dependable income streams over long periods of time
  • Recognize pretenders and how they waste their money
100 ways to stay motivated
  • Tips to motivating a team
  • How to find your personal “switch”
  • 3 ways to sustain levels of motivation
  • Mastering Goal Setting