Sales Prospecting is one of the most difficult and subsequently most valuable skills salespeople can possess. A salesperson who has mastered prospecting can single handedly pull a business out of obscurity and begin to increase sales.

The Sales Prospecting Course will help salespeople identify and cultivate their most sales-ready opportunities which will result in a lower client acquisition cost, and higher sales profitability. The ability to create and increase sales opportunities without the help of advertising and marketing is the most impactful cost saving activity you can have within your business.

What you will get:

  • Mastering Sales Prospecting on the phone with 1 technique
  • Learn the easiest sales call you will ever make
  • Scripts on making the outbound sales call
  • The 9 hottest sales leads you are overlooking
  • Purpose of Prospecting
  • What is it?
  • Why is Prospecting Important?
  • How to Fill Up Your Pipeline So That You are Affluent with Prospects
  • How Prospecting is Different than Selling
  • Attitude
  • Activity Level
  • Expectations
  • Commit to Daily Prospecting
  • Time Management
  • Creative Variety
  • Introduction
  • Power Base
  • Sold Customers
  • Service Type Calls
  • The Unsold
  • Who Do You Spend Money With?
  • Business Using Your Products
  • Competitions Customers
  • Orphan Owners
  • Lost or Unsold Customers of the Company
  • Your Power Base
  • The Power Base Call
  • Service Customers
  • Calling the Service Customer
  • Reactivating Sold Customers – Past Customers You Sold
  • The Call to Sold Customers
  • Converting the Unsold
  • The Call to the Unsold
  • People You Do Business With