The Internet has been a true game changer in the way that people gather information. This abundance of information has allowed the consumer to create more distance between themselves and the companies with which they choose to do business with. 92% of every sales transaction takes place over the phone yet 85% of customers report that they are dissatisfied with their experience with a salesperson on the phone. This is the big problem but also the MASSIVE opportunity.

The Incoming Calls course was designed to make your team true pros on the phone. The course goes over the structure and format of an incoming call and digs down to uncover the most critical points in the call that must be hit in order to secure an appointment or a sale on an incoming phone call. This course will result in more appointments set, appointments that show and deals that are closed. The phone is the most valuable tool that a salesperson possesses and this course will ensure that you are never on the losing end of an incoming call.

What you will get:

  • The 1-Call Close
  • How to set an appointment that shows every time
  • How to control the call NOT the caller
  • The BULLETPROOF incoming script
incoming calls
  • Introduction
  • Telephone’s Importance
  • Types of Calls
  • My Rules of the Phone
  • What Makes a Good Phone Person?
  • Myths About the Phone
  • Feel-Felt-Found Close
  • Handshake Close
  • Introduction
  • Buyer’s Goals
  • Sales Person’s Goals
  • Your Responsibilities
  • Types of Calls
  • Things to Avoid
  • Quick Review on Incoming Calls
  • Parts of the Call
  • The Greeting
  • Fact Finding
  • Number and Name
  • Hold Button
  • Appointments
  • Appointment Stalls
  • Stall Killer
  • Ending Calls – Vital

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