“Last year we wanted to finish at $500K and we did just that. We were not satisfied so this year we doubled again for 2018. We are going to break 1 Million!” – Amanda Marier

“Honestly at the beginning, we weren’t salespeople, we didn’t have a sales background but we were given an opportunity to sell a great product. Because we don’t have a background in sales, we were learning through trial and error. We didn’t know how to find prospects, interest them, and close them. We came to realize that Grant Cardone has it all figured out! So Instead of spending years trying to figure out the correct process or processes, we learned in on Grants knowledge because this guy already figured it out for us!” – Max Marier


I think the #1 thing we looked for in training was that we really wanted to have a true sales cycle and have more control over the sales process. We also wanted to increase the actual frequency of orders, profitability, prospecting for new business and the like. We also wanted to sell a lot more product and be a lot higher in revenue than where we currently were at the time. We have grown major, but we still want more. We are nowhere near finished.


There were periods where we would study a lot and then not study here and there. Then we implemented an accountability plan where we get financially awarded for training and deducted if we do not! That really pushed us to train and to get better as salespeople because it directly affected our income!


Last year we wanted to finish at $500K and we did just that. We were not satisfied so this year we doubled again for 2018.

In using Cardone University we really learned, for the first time, how to go and find our own prospects, interest them on our products and services, and then actually to close them and service them and have them raving about us.

We have also become more streamlined, not just on our sales but on our customer service which I know Grant talks a lot about and we get great feedback from our clients on how we are so different from other companies.

When we started, there was a period where we were getting 2 to 4 sales a month and that was killing it. Nowadays it’s more like 12-14 sales a month! By the end of this year I will literally have tripled what I did last year personally.