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“4 months ago, team Cardone told me that if I follow the training regimen, that I would 10x my business. Here we are 4 months later and 4 months of double digit increase. These
are ON TOP of the increases produced in the first quarter of 2016.

It’s not only about the numbers, but also the efficiency of having well trained staff. Closing percentages on sales have gone from 30% to 45% and I look for that to be 60% in the coming months. Non- merchandise sales are up, follow ups are way better. There is no substitute for having top notch, well trained staff. I can’t wait to see what the future of our company holds!”

Matt Pridemore


  • Increase sales by 30%
  • A staff that understands the selling process
  • A team of top notch salespeople


  • Consistent daily training
  • Mandatory participation
  • Training boot camps including role-playing


  • First month showed a 30% increase, second month increase of 63%, and 76% increase by the third month on the program
  • Close percentage increase from 30% to 45%
  • Reached #1 of 315 stores for sales in the group
  • 4 of Matt’s consultants are now in the top 2% in sales for the organization


Matt Pridemore recognized that to have a top notch sales team you need salespeople that understand the selling process and can confidently guide the customer from the greeting and through every step in the selling process. To make this possible, he’d need to give them the tools to help them understand how to handle every interaction.


Matt’s team first launched the training program in December 2016 starting off with a sales rally lead by Natasha Brooks, our Cardone Training manager. Daily participation from the staff is mandatory and managers received reports showing progress towards training assignments.

The team also made use of the Cardone Bootcamps to incorporate weekly skill training in a group environment. Managers meet with the team and use the topical sales meetings from the platform to deliver content which they then discuss, followed by drilling and rehearsing customer interactions using the information from the training content.


After three months of training on Cardone University, Matt Pridemore’s team was able to reach the number one spot for sales in their group of 315 stores. Originally looking for a 30% increase his steam saw that within the first month, followed by a 63% increase in the second month, and an increase of 73% by the end of their third month on the program.

4 of Matt’s consultants have reached the top 2% of sales people within the organization. His top sales consultant, Joey, is the #1 consultant within the entire organization.

“It’s helped them to really understand the drive behind sales.”

“You can feel Grant’s enthusiasm, it’s part of what drives how well the training is done.”