Green Earth Supply - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

Using Cardone University, Green Earth Supply reached their yearly target by Q3 and is on track to exceed their yearly goal by 76%!

“We were selling products for $2,000, then after training with Grant Cardone we thought “why not $4000?”, then $6000, and now we’re writing tickets for $10,000 every single day.”Michelle Steklok, VP of Sales

Why did you choose Cardone University?

“Our owner had run a multi million dollar organization for 7 years and after attending the 10X GrowthCon she couldn’t quite believe that there was that much more left on the table. She decided to give what Grant said a try and started applying 10X principles. We made Cardone University available to the entire team with the intention to boost sales and revenue. Training every day became a mandatory term of being employed here and once they got into it they started quoting Grant Cardone left and right.”

What results have you seen on Cardone University?

“Our goal for the year was 2.3 million. Once we hit 2.5 million with a quarter of the year to go we said “let’s see what’s going to be possible!”. Now we’re on track to hit 3 million this year when we’ve been at 2.1 million for the last 2 years. You can attribute it to applying the 10X rule across our team.

My favorite result is that I don’t have to babysit. Everyone is self closing, self starting, and independent. They realize that if they miss the sale it’s on them, not that the customer is cheap or can’t make a decision. It’s their level of energy and ability to close that wins or loses a deal. That has been worth more than any sale on the board.” – Michelle Steklok, VP of Sales 

“What’s been most helpful has been fact finding, they’re asking the right questions” 

Michelle Steklok, VP of Sales