The Sign Chef - Grant Cardone Sales Training University

About The Company

Sign Chef more than doubled year over year revenue and increased pro tability by 300% while training his team on Cardone University.

Using Cardone University to get his business to the next level, Justin Meyers is becoming an industry leader in his space and is now doing business with companies such as Google, Amazon, and Coca-Cola.

What results have you seen from training your team?
“We more than doubled our year over year revenue and exceeded our yearly target by 20% with months left go in the year. What I wanted was to start handling large corporate clients and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Now we’re working with clients like Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and our pro tability increased 300% over last year.

After starting the training and hearing Grant at 10X GrowthCon we cleaned house. We released reps that didn’t match the culture and started maximizing how we use time.”

How did you keep your team accountable?

“They need to understand the impact of training to their family and the lifestyle they can provide. Good salespeople are money motivated so if they don’t see how it’s connected they won’t see the value.

We have clear cut expectations. You must do your training every month to qualify for your bonus. Training is a non-negotiable, it’s a part of what you have to do to work here. It’s real easy, we use a written contract to tie it to their bonus.

If you don’t get better everyday in a world that’s evolving, you’re going to go out of business.”

“When they start making more money that’s when the training goes backwards. That’s when you think you know it all and you stop growing. This is when you need to train even more!”

– Justin Myers, Owner