Consortium Gifts


“Numbers don’t lie, we’ve gone from $2MM to over the $4MM mark. We thought we could do it in one year…we did it in 8 months”

“The team is on fire and they believe that nothing is impossible. I personally was always doing the heavy lifting and now am focusing on the big picture and the strategy aspects.” – Gaurav Bhagat – Managing Director


Our vision is to be Asia’s largest gifting company with 1,000 happy employees across 7 countries and 13 cities by Feb 2022.
When we signed on with Cardone University the objective was to double up the company’s top line sales. We’d done a little over $2 million in a year and we were looking to get to $4 million over the next year, and $15 million within 3 years. More importantly,
I wanted the team to go from being regular sales guys to a group of high achieving problem solvers who would make things happen and believe that nothing was impossible.


When we signed up for Cardone University in June 2017 things were looking bad for the company. The problems we were looking to address were low sales numbers from some of the team, low morale amongst the team, and a lack of team spirit such as not
being happy with each other’s successes. We lacked the concept of having a good sales funnel, so we would have an extraordinary month followed by months of a sales drought. We needed to be consistent, positive, and to follow a proven process.


Our salespeople, especially young millennial that made up for all of our sales team of 8, had little or no formal training in sales. They were expected to come in and perform, learn on the fly, and just go out and hit lofty numbers. Completely my mistake.
When I read Sell or Be Sold I was like “Wow…who is Grant Cardone and why did it take so long to come across him?”. I realized that my team needed to learn how to sell.
At our company the training is mandatory. They do 2 lessons per day separate from the bootcamps that we do as a group. On Saturdays we brainstorm and do a weekly review of progress. We also use training as a metric for the year and refer to it during their
annual appraisal.
Cardone University is the single most important piece in the organization’s plan to get to becoming Asia’s number 1 gifting company by February 2022.


“Cardone University has changed my mindset. I’m on the 10X planner as well and write my goals morning and evening. Everyone thinks it’s crazy and not sustainable…I’m like wait and watch!
Thank you to Mike Bonnett for convincing me to sign up the team in 10 minutes and thank you to Rhett Holaway for his constant guidance and support. Consortium Gifts is going to become a global powerhouse in the gifting space and Cardone University will continue to drive the sales and strategy side of the business all along the way.”