Elite Ocean View Realty


“I started Elite Ocean View Realty 5 years ago in Miami Beach. After a while I enrolled in the GC University for me and my team, and thanks to the training my sales and the sales of the company went up. We experienced a steady increase in sales volume and the number of agents I was able to hire went up as well.

Last year when the market was in decline and other companies’ sales were down about 30% while having to decrease their number of agents, we were able to maintain the same number of agents and increase sales by over 30%.

This year we are on track for another total sales increase of 40% and our goal is to pass the 200 agent mark. We opened a third office in Kendall and are looking to open another in Aventura Fl.”

Teo Palmieri
Elite Ocean View Realty


  • Hire new agents
  • Increase sales volume
  • Grow market share and open new offices


  • Agents are required to train during their first month with the agency
  • After their second month, agents opt in to the training
  • Management receives reporting on training activity and quality to follow up with agents


  • Increased YOY sales by 30% in 2016
  • On track to see an additional 40% increase in sales for 2017
  • Opened a third office and is soon looking to open a fourth location


A few years into his business, Teo’s team had seen some success but he was looking for a way to increase his team size and open new locations throughout Miami.

He signed on to Cardone University to give his team an advantage in the marketplace during a time where other agencies were finding it difficult to maintain sales numbers.


Teo’s approach to using the training started with introducing Cardone University into his hiring process.

Every new agent is registered with a login to use during their first month with the agency. He receives regular reporting that shows who is or is not on track with their training and he checks in with agents who are falling behind.

After their first month of training, his agents buy-in to the program by paying a nominal fee to retain their access to the training platform.


The Elite Ocean Real Estate team has seen an increase every year while on the training program. During a down market in which other agencies hat to reduce in size, Teo’s team not on maintained all of their agents but were able to increase sales by 30%.

Since then he’s been able to open a third office and is now looking to open a fourth location in Aventura FL. Currently his team is on track to see an additional 40% increase in sales this year in addition to last year’s success.

“Thank you guys for the great training, support, seminars, products, customer service, and help you provide. Your success is my success and vice versa, I know we can conquer the market together!”