Cardone Connect Community Guidelines

Cardone Training Technologies’ Cardone U Connect community is the go-to entrepreneurial network for answers to any questions related to business, sales, promotion, expansion and business growth. Cardone U Connect is designed as a place where entrepreneurs can connect, support, and encourage each other as they implement the latest business and growth strategies.

Moderation Goals
These guidelines aim to ensure that the Cardone U Connect community is inclusive and inviting to entrepreneurs at all stages. Community admins, which consist of Cardone Training Technologies staff, will ensure that member posts and comments are relevant and appropriate. We will take any steps we deem appropriate to ensure that community conversations meet the policies described below.

Post/Comment Moderation Policy
You may be asked to edit your post or comment due to reasons of clarity, offensive content, unlawful or threatening content, or promotional content.
Depending on the severity and frequency of any offending content, you may not be notified that your post or comment has been removed. If Cardone Training Technologies feels that an issue needs to be addressed, the community manager will notify you privately.

On Job Listings & Promoting Products
The purpose of the Cardone U Connect network is for peer-to-peer support related to sales, promotion, and growing your business online. It is not a group for finding hired help or selling products.

We respectfully request that you do not post this content in the Cardone U Connect Group, as it detracts from the purpose of the group. Posts of this nature will be deleted, at the admins’ discretion.

Community Standards
To ensure that dialogue in the Cardone U Connect community remains relevant and engaging for all members, you’re expected to observe the standards listed below. The admins will apply these principles when reviewing content in our Cardone U Connect community.
1. Comments that are inappropriately negative, political & religious, cyberbullying will be deleted. Everyone is here to learn how to increase revenue and communication must stay within those lines. Debates and disagreements are constructive however personal attacks, trolling and abuse will not be tolerated. The key to a great community experience is engaging and inclusive space where can learn and grow. Be 10X.

2. Profanity may be used in the chat sparingly but if it exists in excess your comments will be removed and you will be warned once. Please do not report everything that offends you. This is a group of adults and professionals.

3. Do not spam the group with blogs/services/ personal information or advertising for your company or that of others.

4. This group is a private group for paid mentors, no one is to share live calls with anyone outside of the group. To avoid any issues please do not share live streams.

5. CTTI makes no claims or endorsements of ANY company product or service in this group other than those owned and marketing by CTTI and Grant Cardone Enterprises. Furthermore, CTTI is not responsible for any transactions or arrangements that happen between members of the group. Please do not report inside of the Facebook group. For immediate assistance, Please do not private message any of the admins, feel free to reach us at or call for immediate assistance at 310-777-0255.
Posts made that violate content terms will be removed and we reserve the right to remove violators from the group.

3-Strikes Removal Policy
The admins of the Cardone U Connect community reserve the right to remove any member who violates any community standard listed above. We also reserve the right to remove any member who violates any offense not listed above but we deem inappropriate or offensive.
Any member who posts content that conflicts with the policies listed above will have their post or comment removed and incur a strike. After three strikes the member will be removed from the community and will not be eligible to rejoin for 7 days, after which they will be allowed to join under a probation status for 30 days. If a member in probation status continues to post in a manner conflicting with our terms they will permanently be removed from the group.