Keystone Retirement Services


Keystone Retirement Services is a company that focuses on health insurance, life insurance, enrollment into Medicare, and investments.

Ryan Cicchelli, the vice president of Keystone Retirement Services and director of sales, made it his personal mission to strive only for excellence and to have customer service that is unparalleled.

Keystone Retirement Services only represents the best companies in the industry for each of the areas they specialize in. Ryan and his amazing team of agents take extreme pride in the fact that their customer service is second to none.

Ryan Cicchelli
Vice President – Keystone Retirement Services


  • More structure in the office.
  • Growth for his team members.
  • Improve objection handling on cold calls.


  • Training is not optional, everyone including the office admin trains.
  • Everyone completes 14 chapters each week.
  • Everyone is paired with a training accountability partner that helps them stay on track
  • Every Friday Ryan meets with his team to review their takeaways and recognize those that earned their Cardone Certifications.


  • Over 375% increase in revenue for multiple consecutive months compared to their highest month before training.
  • Has seen agents go from relaxed in their career to being able to make over $40,000 in one month.


As Remax Titanium’s team grew over the last few years, they were spending a significant amount on radio and online advertising but were not seeing enough of a conversion to justify more lead generation as a way to grow. After reading Grant’s first book, Sell to Survive, Rudy Kusuma began adopting Grant’s strategies with his team and and already started seeing a difference in his people.

His goal was to increase the company’s closing percentage so they could get more ROI on the abundance of advertising that was already being done. So after seeing Grant perform live at the 2017 10X Growth Con he decided to invest in professional sales training for his entire team.
After following Grant for years, Ryan came to meet him at the 10X Growth Con.

After the event he connect with Andrew from the CTTI team to discuss joining Cardone University as an individual.

He knew that there were much bigger targets he wanted to set his sights on so instead of signing on only for himself, Ryan decided to invest in his people and brought the program on board for his entire staff.


Ryan’s approach was to use the training as a way to change the entire company’s culture. Everyone from sales through the the admin staff is required to train.
Training is absolutely mandatory for Keystone. Each person must complete 14 chapters weekly and on Fridays Ryan meets with his team to recap on takeaways and how they’ll use the information.

He set up a system of accountability partners, so everyone has someone else vested in their success holding them accountable and Ryan follows up with anyone who doesn’t hit the training target.


Ryan’s team has seen over a 375% increase in monthly revenue for multiple consecutive months compared to their highest month ever prior to the program. Now every month they crush what used to be their record month.
“The #1 thing we learned was to never lower our goals. Every Tuesday and Friday we all go over our targets. We’re big on personal growth here. I watched a new agent earn $40,000 in commissions with 5 months in the industry.

Biggest thing is not letting it go by the wayside. You have to use it for it to work. We’re all vested in each other’s success, so everyone in our office has a training accountability partner.

We’ve seen an insane increase and we’re now even using it as a recruiting tool, so if you join the team you’ll get access to the best sales training in the world.”