In 2010 I dedicated myself to a healthy lifestyle. I ended up transforming my body after shredding 80lbs of fat! I turned that passion for health and fitness into a career. I started my very own personal training company, Shredfat Inc, back in 2012, and then partnered up to own a CrossFit box.

“I was on an Individual Cardone university account for 3 months and was already seeing the dividend returns – I knew I had to get my whole team on board to the training.”

Ben Azadi
Coach / Owner


  • Having the whole staff share company vision
  • More structure to their training
  • 5+ Increase in new Memberships per month


  • Mandatory training on 2 chapters daily and enforced daily
  • Ran Cardone Content for meetings once a week with roleplay and script practice
  • Team given homework assignments on the training to ensure comprehension


  • Met additional membership goal within the first 30 days on the program
  • During 2nd month on Cardone University exceeded membership target for the month in the first week
  • Entire staff committing to a training structure and are committed to the company vision


Looking to get our entire staff on board with the same vision the ownership has. To get everyone on the same page with a structured-out training program. To get their team to understand the importance of production and growth.

Initial goal was to increase overall new memberships by 5 per month.


Staff members do mandatory training on 2 chapters a day and are held accountable to it daily. Staff is given homework assignments to review each day to ensure they understood the material.

Every week they do a group meeting going over Cardone Content. 85% of the meeting covers Cardone Training and the other 15% company specifics. In these meetings, they roleplay and practice their scripts.

Every month Ben listens to Grant’s Book Be Obsessed or Be Average to keep his mind right and focus on his purpose.


Their entire staff is on the same page and sticking to a weekly meeting routine. For the first time, they are seeing the team committed to the vision of the company. They have been able to hit targets at a much faster pace. For the first week of July 2017 their team signed 10 new memberships in less than 7 days with one client paying the full 12-month contract in advance. The ownership and the staff feel Cardone University is helping them towards the direction they want to be heading towards at a much faster rate. One staff member who was introverted and laid back prior to Cardone University has become more involved and active with his communication.

“Our whole staff is pumped up, excited, obsessed, appreciative, and grateful. Thank you!” – Ben Azadi