As professionals involved in the care of those experiencing hearing loss, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and support to all those who seek our help. It is our mission, our passion, our soul, to enrich lives and set a new standard of excellence and care. You are not just another face, you are not just someone taking up our time. We truly value the interactions we are so privileged to have and we are grateful for the opportunity to become a part of your life. We are changing the quality of lives, one ear at a time.

  • $2,000,000 in Sales
  • Consistent Training
  • Improve Follow Up techniques
  • 6 training segments a day
  • Monthly calls with a Cardone Performance Manager
  • Weekly Mastermind Coaching Calls
  • Increased sales by 40%
  • $2.4 Million in sales
  • 73% increase in unit sales (units = 1 hearing aid)
  • More confident sales team
  • Exceeded sales targets by 20%


Brian Rafferty invested in Cardone University to reach their target of 2 million in sales. He was in need of consistent training that would increase his team’s motivation, objection handling, and understanding of value added follow up. Being an owner of a franchise means there’s limited time in the day to get everything done. By outsourcing the sales training to Grant Cardone and his team, this allows Brian to be more effective in his leadership role while his sales team is learning to be more effective in their role.


The Hear Clear team started all in! The company took our recommendation of 15 minutes of daily sales development and applied it to their team’s daily routine. Management is delivered a progress report daily for accountability and details on trouble areas for each sales person that can be quickly addressed in a one on one setting. Monthly Brian meets with a specialist in the Client Performance Management team at Cardone Training Technologies to build a strategy plan, cover best practices and identify which training path would drive immediate results based off the group’s performance. With reporting, Brian is able to have a more in depth one on one session with his employees to be assured that his team is excelling every day.


After being on Cardone University for 4 months the Hear Clear team was able to increase their sales by 40% compared to the first four months of 2016. Four months into the Cardone Training Hear Clear has increased unit sales by 73%, overall sales by 99.6%, and exceeded sales targets by 20%.

Cardone Training Technologies provides a Client Performance Manager for every account. Their job is to put in a plan to capture immediate opportunity. The plan created by Cardone CPM and Hear clear has helped them exceed their annual target of $2 million in sales with 2/3 of the year still remaining!

“I bought Cardone University for my team not just to excel at work, but also in their personal life” – Brain Rafferty Hear Clear Inc