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Since 2001, Moxie Pest Control has been providing high-quality service in the pest control industry. What started out as a single office in Texas has turned into a $35 million-dollar operation that spans the entire country. With a central focus on service, expertise and building lifelong connections with our customers, Moxie has thousands of customers happy in markets including Denver, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Northern Virginia, Raleigh, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Nashville, as well as Orange and Riverside Counties in California.

Named for the drive and enthusiasm embraced by its founder and owner, Moxie’s #1 goal is making you feel at home in your home again by reaching its #2 goal of delivering the most valuable pest control services available.

Greg Donaldson
Moxie Pest Control


Greg had already been introduced to Grant Cardone’s content and knew that if his motivation and results improved by using his content every day then getting his team on board would make a tremendous difference for the entire team. His goals were to improve the team’s sales techniques and presentations by asking better questions and building more value. Another challenge was in keeping reps motivated throughout the week.


Greg’s approach to the training was to get his team’s buy in at the start of the program. He spoke to each rep and asked them to invest time in themselves every day.

Each rep trains for 15 minutes on their own before starting work every day. The team also holds group training sessions where one or two chapters are played and discussed. Managers review with reps and give insight on how best to implement the information. Every sales meeting the team uses content from the platform to include a motivational segment in each meeting.


The difference in the team was so tremendous that reps who weren’t originally participating in the program were recommended to join the others and complete their 15 minutes before work.

Within the first 60 days both closing rates and client retention rates have increased dramatically,. Closing rates have improved by 15% and client retention increased by 10%, making a large impact in the company’s revenue.

“The team is happier, more motivated, and excited in general.”

“It also gives them good life lessons, it applies to your personal life as well”