Verlo Mattress


“The first few weeks have really impacted my level of confidence, and willingness to try new things. I now have a broader understanding of the Comfort Coach’s impact on the business. The course on conviction has helped me to close more sales. If you believe in the product you don’t want your Guest to leave and buy elsewhere.” – Comfort Coach Evan


  • Having the entire company become part of the sales team
  • More structure to their training
  • Higher conversions with increase in repeat business


  • Mandatory training on 2 chapters daily and enforced daily
  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with management
  • Team given homework assignments on the training to ensure comprehension


  • Examples of increased closing rates when training volume is in the ideal zone
  • Fred +8.92%
  • Jan +9.64%
  • Jeanne +10.88%
  • Jeffrey +14.69%
  • Joshua +11.65%
  • Carmella +7.86%


With 29 franchisees plus a corporate entity, Verlo is looking to grow into a national brand by creating a not only a better sleep experience but a better shopping and buying experience for their customers.

And that starts with the experiences their clients will have when they call or visit a Verlo store.

Verlo is very aware that to grow into a national brand the only options are to be phenomenal or to be forgotten.


Using the corporate stores as a model and proving ground, salespeople are required to spend 10 – 20 minutes per day watching, testing and passing 2-4 segments of Cardone University at the start of each shift.

Executives in the corporate office are tracking sales and closing performance results with the volume of training and activity in the program.

One on one meetings with sales people to discuss strengths and growth opportunities help determine what content will be consumed inside Cardone University.


“Yes, I love this opportunity that has been given to us. I have learned a lot. Massive action I have incorporated already!!! I’m learning the techniques to becoming a professional not an amateur. I’m already calling and e-mailing guest’s that have had an estimate or an expired estimate to convert them. I’m staying in-contact with them frequently!!! I’m agreeing with all of my guest’s no matter what; which helps them trust me. I’m learning how to even agree with objections to get them to come around and close anyway. I could talk about this for hours!!! I can use these in life period. I started my agreement challenge today!!! So I hope I don’t have to start over I have 24 hours.”