How To Manage A Team From Afar

How do you manage a remote team?

With businesses ordered shut and workers having to stay home, businesses across the world are busy working remotely.

The problem is, while many managers feel comfortable managing from the office in-person, it’s a different animal to manage remotely.

You rely on email, zoom calls, slack, texts, phone calls, and whatever other digital form of communication your team uses.

how to manage a remote team

But how do you really manage a team from afar?

The key is keeping in communication and there are ways my company is doing this:

#1 Mandatory Meetings

We have a consistent meeting each day at the same time, we have roll call to ensure everyone is present, and we have a max of 2 meeting moderators so that there aren’t too many chefs in the kitchen.

#2 Data Collection

When working remote you must keep tabs on people to hold them accountable. We strive to have a minimum of 3 stats per role and compare those day to day and week to week. This gives both you the manager and the employee a sense of accomplishment but also empowers them to feel in control even though they are outside of the office.

#3 Discipline

This is not the time to relax your norms. Keep dress code, don’t allow anyone to come on a Zoom call looking like a slob—and notice levels of engagement in your virtual meetings. If there is someone you’re concerned with, call them directly to have a conversation about it.


It’s tough enough keeping the team coordinated while in the same location. Be ready to OVER communicate while remote.

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Whether it’s remote cloud backups, digital security for your company’s assets, or simply having a clear plan to follow, you need to have a comprehensive plan when it comes to working remote, especially for bigger teams.

We don’t know how long this current lockdown will last, but even when it ends you have to be prepared for future emergencies, lockdowns, and interruptions so that you’re always ready to manage your team from home!

Be Great,


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