Mastering Incoming Calls

Mastering Incoming Calls

Is your sales team mastering incoming calls or are they not as effective as they used to be? 

Mastering Incoming Calls

Have you or your team lost the “magic touch” that you once had? 


Uncle G is gonna show you how to get it back.


The solution is Cardone University’s Mastering Incoming Calls Course, in which I will teach you how to control the call and close the sale.Ma


Since we’re living in an unprecedented time, the way that we interact isn’t  what it used to be. The first step to improving your technique is understanding that your current phone skills are no longer going to work. People have changed the way they receive information…so you have to change the way you provide your services or products. 


You have to adapt and improve your approach to accommodate the “new normal” and how you communicate with your audience. To be highly impactful in your daily sales calls for your business you need to redefine and remaster your skills.


It’s time to sharpen your phone sales process and closing strategies to get results in the new economy, whatever it turns out to be.


When it comes to sales, without a doubt, phone skills are the KEY to business success so having the perfect pitch that includes a proven script is essential to your success.


In this Cardone University Mastering Incoming Calls Course you will…


  • Get everything you need to know about phone communication and how you can increase your sales with the right phone technique.


  • Learn how to identify your caller and assess the phone call – What do you know about this buyer?  How do you handle the call?  


  • Find out what greeting to use and what you can do to make sure each call ends in a successful conversion. 

Mastering Incoming Calls

Phone sales allow you to reach people quicker and take advantage of the millions of dollars of opportunities out there waiting for you to grab. When you have a strong and solid phone technique you can and will produce the outcome that you want. 


Better your approach to make every call a “money” call. 


Be great!


-Grant Cardone 

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