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Want To Work In Sales? Agree With Everyone

If you want to work in sales you’re going to need to do one important thing with your client–agree with them.


The world is filled with different beliefs and values that can be confusing, frustrating, and even angering. The best way to solve these problems is not through disagreement but by finding agreement. Agreement provides a common ground from which the parties involved can work together to find solutions. In sales, this means you need to try your hardest to find out what the customer needs before any talk of features, benefits, or other details takes place.


Once you have an idea about what they want, it’s much easier for them to decide because there’s no longer anything that stands between them and their goal. You also increase your odds of getting a “yes” if you agree with what they’re saying while at the same time showing that you understand their point of view. So, here are five reasons why agreement works in sales and how it will help you persuade anyone

Always agree with the customer. 


If you want an agreement, you’ve got to be agreeable with your customers. This rule should not be confused with the old saying “the customer is always right” because customers aren’t always right. Right or wrong, agree with the customer. Agree as you write the deal, don’t disagree and fight the deal. People who agree with one another move towards each other. “Opposites attract” does not happen in sales. In selling, likes attract likes and are born out of an agreement. 


It only takes one.


If there isn’t enough agreement between two parties, there’s no agreement at all. The truth is, it only takes one person to agree because once one opposing party agrees, there is no longer any disagreement. The salesperson who wants agreement must agree with the customer before achieving agreement. Just because what you think the customer says sounds ridiculous, agree with him. Agreeing is the road to more sales!


The agreement challenge


Practice this with a friend, family member, or work colleague. Try to agree with everyone you talk to for a single day. This is an essential rule of selling and needs daily practice. See, when you agree first, you can manage to direct the conversation the way you want. “Oh, this is too much money,” you say, “I agree it’s much money. Everyone who invests in this product agrees that this system is a big investment when they’re buying it. That’s why you should get it installed so it can start making you money right away.” See how good that sounds?



Soften your buyer


When you are working in sales you need to start your relationships with an agreement. Then you need to tell your prospective buyer about your product. Do it even if they only have 10 minutes to spare and you feel like you can’t present in such a short timeframe. You’ll come off as understanding, easy to deal with, and professional. Customers are more likely to respect you because you agreed with them, not because you were a rockstar at handling objections. 

The magic words


Suppose you want people to agree with your viewpoint. In that case, all you’ve got to do is agree with their position, opinions and step into their shoes. Customer service problems can be handled the same way. When you get a complaint, go ahead and agree with the complaint. “You guys screwed everything up!” the customer shouts. “I agree with you, sir,” you say. “Let me figure out how to correct it for you.” But if you tell him he’s wrong, you’re only adding gasoline to his fire of disagreements.


Agreement is the fastest route to getting your way! Do yourself a favor and practice agreeing with people. The three of the most powerful words in the English language are “you are right!” Two other powerful words in the English language are “I agree!” Agreeing with the customer means control for the salesperson, happier customers, and quicker decisions. Miracles take place out of an agreement.


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