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7 Lead Response Strategy Mistakes

Every day, businesses miss out on sales because a salesperson didn’t follow up with their leads or they forgot to give the prospect the information they wanted. I see it happen time and time again. You have to be on top of your lead responses every single day to ensure you convert 100% of your leads. Increase your chances of winning over leads by NOT making these seven lead response strategy mistakes.

1. Slow Responses


Studies suggest that more than anything else, there’s one thing that can get you to be more effective with a digital response. You have a 100% better chance at converting a lead online with speed. Speed is power. Respond to your lead and do it quickly.



2. No Defined Follow-Up Process


The way you respond the second time to a prospect should be different from the first. Figure out your follow-up schedule, how you will contact them, what will you communicate, how will you approach your prospect and so on. Having a solid process gives your team predictability, consistency and allows you to scale.


3. Assuming Your Lead Has Not Done Their Homework


Always assume your new leads have done their homework and are ready to buy. They read product reviews, company reviews, see your competition, and have questions, etc. Focus on correcting misconceptions: what they know, what they think, what they don’t know, and what they’ve looked at and not looked at before you start to convince them of your product and company.


4. Not Giving The Info Requested


One of the biggest lead response mistakes you can make is not responding to their questions or providing them with the exact information they requested. People trust what they see, not hear; that’s why they search the internet. Online buyers are informed AND misinformed, so it’s your job to give them the detailed information they need to make the best buying decision.


5. Forget They Still Need To Be Sold


Remember, it takes about eight tries to get back into contact with your prospect after they have visited your website. You cannot just throw an ad up online, hoping for a flood of leads to come in, respond to them once and think the job is done. People still need to be sold. To be sold, the prospect must be reassured and convinced they’re making the right decision at the right time. 



6. Assuming The Lead Is The Decision Maker


Assume that there is more than one person based on the one lead. Maybe someone in their environment is interested in your product/service. Find out who the decision-maker or influencer is. Companies that have 100 – 500 employees usually have up to 7 decision-makers. Know who has influence, who might influence the purchase or change the direction in some way.


7. Reply On Only One Form Of Communication


Use all the forms of communication out there; video, text, phone, email, DMs, and more. Find out a variety of ways you can locate your lead and follow up with them. Texting during a sales call can increase the closing ratio by 328%! Use every form of communication possible.


If you want to increase your closing rates by improving your lead response strategy, check out my Internet Lead Response Strategies course in Cardone University