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Your Customers’ Success Is Your Success

If you are looking at customers as just another line on a list, you need to cut that s**t out right now and realize that your customers’ success is your success. That’s why every company that has a sales team also needs a customer success team. I created mine at the end of 2020 and […]

In 2021 The Successful Salesperson Will Sell Without Selling

Bruce Lee, the martial arts legend once described his form of Kung Fu as the “art of fighting without fighting” and yet, he was untouchable and unstoppable both on camera and in real life. He took the energy used in traditional martial arts techniques and redirected it into a force that was more efficient and […]

My Thoughts On Selling In 2021

Like all of you, on this first week of the year, I’m looking ahead while I collect my thoughts on selling in 2021, because that’s where the action is. I think we can all agree that regardless of  whether 2020 was good to you or left you struggling, it was different. I think that we […]


Keep your energy high and use these 5 helpful tips to stay on track in 2021.    You want to start strong in 2021 and then keep going strong. You want to feel motivated so you can produce results that will lead to accomplishing all your goals. There are steps that you can take to […]

3 Ways to Dominate Your Sales in 2021

Kickstart the year with 3 ways to dominate your sales in 2021.   The economy has been turned upside down this year and has pushed the future forward in regard to the way that business is being conducted. Selling today requires adapting to the current circumstances and reengineering the mechanics of the sales process. The […]

Is Your Team Asking Hard Questions?

A part of the selling process is being inquisitive so is your team asking hard questions that close?   The reason I ask is, when I started my first business at 29, I anticipated that it would take me three months to get the income I previously had. Well, it actually took me three years. […]

Where Is Your Loyalty, Boss?

Where is your loyalty, boss? When you start a business your allegiance has to be to the business first. If the welfare of your business is not your one and only concern, all those big plans and ambitious goals will never be realized.  It took me years to learn this after some very hard lessons […]

14 Rules of Handling Objections in Negotiations

There are 14 rules to handling objections in negotiations and I am sharing that valuable information with you today.   Your team can close 40% more deals and it starts with them fully understanding how to navigate the sale process and how to respond in ways that will get the customer to BUY!   Most […]

100 Ways to Stay Motivated

Believe it or not there are 100 ways to stay motivated and I will show you how!   We are living in a world that is going through difficult times right now, I know you know this.   As we all face some big challenges as a nation we have to remember that no matter […]

Understanding The Buyer

Understanding the buyer starts with understanding how you buy…   In 2020 there we were hit with an unforeseen pandemic that rocked the entire world which shifted our thought process when making a purchase.   Of course buying habits will change depending on the economy, season, and special circumstances which is why we have to […]