Five Signs That No Means Yes

Five Signs That No Means Yes

To the inexperienced salesperson any of these might sound like the end of a conversation with no possibility of a close. To professional sales experts (like those on my team) they know it’s just the beginning because they recognize these classic five signs that no means yes.


In my experience, when a prospect tells me that they aren’t ready to decide, it’s usually an indication that they’re on the verge of saying “yes” and the close is in sight. An experienced or properly trained sales person can pick up on the subtle hints that the prospect is giving, even though they might not even realize They give a lot of clues in what they otherwise do and say. And that’s when you want to shift strategies to get in line with where they are.

Five Signs That No Means Yes

Here are five signs a prospect is close to a yes even if what they’re saying sounds like “no”.


1) They talk about their budget …

Any prospect who is open with you when you discuss a budget means two important things: one, they have the authority to spend and two, you have earned their trust. Just remember that even if they are comfortable talking about their budget, you don’t want to focus on it too much. This is just the beginning of the relationship building process so concentrate on what you can do for your prospect.


2) They’re flexible…

If a prospect tells you that they’re flexible about the time they can speak with you, odds are it means they are still looking at options, which means you’re still in the running. To make them swing your way, you’re going to have to use the time they give you to contrast yourself against the competition without trashing them. If your product or service is good enough, you won’t have to.


3) They don’t talk only about price…

Price is not an issue. Never has been. Never will be. A serious buyer’s only concern is getting what they need. If the product is right the price is right. When a prospect’s questions center more around what you can offer and not what it costs, hang in there because you’re very close to sale. Be ready to talk about price and any payment plan you offer but stay away from hard numbers until you feel they are ready to commit.


  1. They include other decision makers in the discussions…

In very few cases does the decision to purchase depend on just one person especially in larger companies. More often than not, a purchase has to be approved by a group of people or a committee. If a prospective buyer brings others into the discussion, it means you have proven to them that you are worth introducing to others without fear of wasting anyone’s time.  Capitalize on this momentum and keep the process moving forward.


  1. They are open during conversations…

When a prospect starts talking like they’ve already purchased your product or service, it means that you are probably extremely close to making a sale. If they talk about how they envision success using whatever you’re selling, it’s a good sign. If they discuss when and how they would use the solution you’re offering it means that there’s already a foundation of a relationship in place. In this case, you should focus your efforts on strengthening that relationship.

Five Signs That No Means Yes

These are signs that your prospect is moving down the funnel but they just need some extra reassurance that they’re making the right decision. They’re just about convinced but may  still be a bit hesitant. Be present. Be persistent. Be patient. You’re almost at the finish line. Just remember selling is a marathon not a sprint.


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