What’s The Hurry? Time Is Still Money!

What’s The Hurry? Time Is Still Money!

When I start a presentation, I make it clear to the prospect that my intention is to have the product or service being used by the client this week. What’s the hurry? Time is still money. So I come on strong and fast by saying, “Thanks for your time today, my goal is to deliver my product to your company by the end of this week.” The customer usually then tells me they have no intention of doing anything that quickly, at which point I simply say, “I understand. I just wanted you to know my intention.”


You have to present with confidence, not arrogance, and set the stage early showing that you know your product can solve their problems. Open with your intention to close the deal. Be transparent and obvious about what it is you hope to accomplish. 

What’s The Hurry? Time Is Still Money!

I noticed my sales team was presenting long after the buyer had seen enough. So I took all of our presentations apart and broke them into five stages. At the end of each stage I require them to ask, “have you seen enough information to make a decision?” This worked like a miracle with customers saying, “no I haven’t,” allowing the salesperson to continue with the presentation. In other cases the buyer says, “yes, I have seen enough, can you do anything else on the numbers?”


Take your presentation and break it into smaller pieces and insert the question, “have you seen enough to justify our proposal?” Close often, close early and when they say they have seen enough shut it down.

What’s The Hurry? Time Is Still Money!

Too many salespeople and sales organizations never insist on closing a deal for fear of appearing to be a nuisance. There is no urgency to finish the deal. Time is a bizarre enemy of the close. Anything can happen when you add this thing called time.

If you truly believe in your company, product, and service, you must learn how to insist on closing the transaction now.

The Now or Later Close is great for putting your deal back into play and getting it done now rather than a few days from now. “What’s a few days?”, says the rookie closer! It could very well be the difference between a deal or no deal. I have made the mistake too many times of not practicing urgency and becoming reasonable with a few days that turns into years. Your sales team should train and drill on how to use pressure. It’s an art but if they learn it then they can use that art to control the conversation and ultimately lead to a close.


Remember that in sales speed is power.


-Grant Cardone


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