Your Customers’ Success Is Your Success

Your Customers’ Success Is Your Success

If you are looking at customers as just another line on a list, you need to cut that s**t out right now and realize that your customers’ success is your success. That’s why every company that has a sales team also needs a customer success team. I created mine at the end of 2020 and it has already paid off big-time.


Now more than ever businesses that depend on sales (which is every business) lose too many potential customers in-between prospecting and closing.

Your Customers’ Success Is Your Success

That’s where the Customer Success Team comes in. Since the Super Bowl is this weekend I’m gonna make a football reference and compare it to calling in the special teams. So what does a Customer Success Team do? They have a dedicated role to retain prospects securely in the pipeline by providing them with personalized attention.


This is a new phenomenon in business but already studies show that over half of the companies that have integrated Customer Success teams into their operations have seen increased revenue. In every case, this increase can be directly attributed to the actions of the Customer Success Team. 

Your Customers’ Success Is Your Success

In my company, the Customer Success Representatives bridge the gap between sales and support. A sale typically starts with a salesperson prospecting and hopefully closing a customer. Then, after the prospect becomes a customer and a relationship is established, customer service becomes involved. Along the way, a Customer Success Representative is a single point of contact, whose job is to provide a streamlined experience along the entire journey.


Now a Customer Success Representative’s responsibilities will not be the same at every company. Sometimes the CSR will interact directly with salespeople as they see to the prospects’ needs. Other times CSRs are part of an execution team that includes IT experts and account managers who initiate customers on product usage or other onboarding matters. Then, there are companies who use their CSRs in a more administrative role which gives the sales team more time to focus on actual sales instead of resolving customer issues. This means that communication is an essential skill for a successful Customer Success Representative. They are responsible for making sure information gets from the salespeople to customers in a timely manner. They’re also responsible for following up with customers clearly and consistently. 

Your Customers’ Success Is Your Success

Don’t think that Customer Success Representative is a part-time job. CSR’s are always on call to address prospects’ and customers’ needs and issues. Anytime they’re not dealing with customers they need to constantly prepare for any possibility based on what’s happening in the marketplace


I’ll end this with another football reference. Think of a CSR like a quarterback. The quarterback leads the teams, calls the plays and then coordinates everyone involved to execute projects. Just like the quarterback moves the ball, the CSR moves prospects efficiently and smoothly through the sales cycle.


If you don’t have a Customer Success Team you better get one fast. The bar has been raised for customer expectations, or maybe I should say the goalpost has been moved. However you look at it, just remember if your customers are successful you won’t be either.


If you want help establishing your own team of Successful Sales Representatives contact the Cardone Training Team here. As one of the first companies to put a fully functioning Customer Success Team into operation, there is nobody more qualified to help you add this crucial component to your company.