Successful Salesperson Will Sell Without Selling

In 2021 The Successful Salesperson Will Sell Without Selling

Bruce Lee, the martial arts legend once described his form of Kung Fu as the “art of fighting without fighting” and yet, he was untouchable and unstoppable both on camera and in real life. He took the energy used in traditional martial arts techniques and redirected it into a force that was more efficient and more effective. That’s what salespeople will need to learn if they want to succeed in 2021: The Successful Salesperson Will Sell Without Selling.


“What? Come on Grant! Everything you say and do centers on selling”. I can hear you already but bear with me.


 All I’m saying is that instead of increasing the pressure or the intensity of your pitch, which is the natural instinct when encountering objections, how about adding value instead?

Successful Salesperson Will Sell Without Selling

The salespeople who add value to the transaction will close the deal and lay the foundation for long-lasting relationships which are worth far more than whatever was added to the deal in order to get it done.


Look, 2020 is behind us and while people are no longer in full on panic mode, they’re still feeling the aftershock and dealing with the consequences of last year. Your potential customers might be in a spending freeze right now. Maybe they’ve put off any expansion plans until they have a better idea of what’s to come. Whatever their reasons, you’re going to have to keep that in mind and accept the fact that last year’s killer pitch might not work this year.


So it’s vital for you as a salesperson to clearly define the value of your product or service. If you don’t the client may not see it for themselves.

Successful Salesperson Will Sell Without Selling

Now adding value is more than just throwing something you think is valuable in front of your customers and expecting them to get it. They need to see or feel the value so they feel comfortable establishing a relationship with you. Establishing that relationship based upon the added value is the core of “selling without selling”. If you build the relationship, the sale is practically automatic.

That value can come in the form of education, content, even customer service which exceeds expectations is a form of value. There are so many ways to do this and “sell without selling”.


The best part of selling without selling is that once you get your head around the concept, it becomes almost effortless. 


Your customers’ and prospects’ priorities have no doubt changed over the last year. Instead of fighting the wave go with the flow. Businesses are trying to meet day-to-day challenges, and will be happy to get all the help they can. That’s where you can add value. Determine their pain points and concerns. Then, instead of just offering them a product that will solve their problems. Show them a scenario that will ease their worries. That is how you sell without selling.

Successful Salesperson Will Sell Without Selling

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