5 Pillars to Building a Business

5 Pillars to Building a Business

What are the 5 pillars to building a business? When it comes to creating, building, and inc reading business there is a strategy that works! 

It’s important that you believe in your product. If you won’t buy it yourself, then you’re not sold yourself. If you can’t pass the simple test of being willing to buy your own product, you’ll never be able to sell others in large numbers.

5 Pillars to Building a Business

First and foremost you have to be passionate about what you sell and be sold on it yourself so that you can get the revenue that you want.

Second, you need to know the 5 pillars to building a business:

  1. Financial Intelligence.
    1. Determine how far you can go with big ideas.
    2. Understand that money follows attention and attention follows money.
  2. Marketing.
    1. You will not make the sale without the marketing.
    2. You must become a marketing genius.
  3. Sales & Closing.
    1. Sell a product and close a deal.
    2. Nothing will validate your ideas more than a sale.
  4. Execution.
    1. Push through with your idea.
    2. Reasons people can’t execute…
      1. Confusion.
      2. Selling for a status quo.
      3. Payoff is not big enough.
      4. Team is not on the same page.
      5. No accountability on the executive level.
  5. Scaling.
    1. Build the team out and scale the team.
    2. If you don’t scale you won’t survive.

5 Pillars to Building a Business

Your ideas will succeed or fail depending on your marketing and you need to keep taking action!


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