5 Rules to Hack Your Sales Game

5 Rules to Hack Your Sales Game

In sales, there are rules. These rules will  ensure your success if followed correctly. We’re about to cover the 5 rules to hack your sales game that will ultimately help you skyrocket your commission checks and keep your prospects running back to you again and again.


Rule #1: Always be seated when negotiating and closing


Missed by every seasoned prof, you’ll hardly ever close someone on your feet, negotiate terms on your seat. When you’re attempting agreement and closure, you also want your prospect seated. Even if your prospect stands up mid negotiation, you should remain seated, suggesting that you’re not done just yet. Don’t react. Stay seated. Staying seated shows your confidence and seriousness. If you stand up, it shows that something has changed. This may make your prospect leave and end the negotiations.


Rule #2: Always present your proposal in writing and clearly communicate it


People don’t believe what they hear, they believe what they see. Actions really do speak louder than words here. When you put your negotiation in writing, it’s automatically more credible and valued. Talk is cheap. Always have a contract and a legal pad. Anything of value should be written down, validated in writing and should be used to build your case of logic as to the many reasons someone would do business with you. It’s also important that you rehearse your proposal so that it is clearly communicated to the prospect. Your offer, your benefits, your presentation inclusions. Don’t cover your mouth, speak clearly and confidently so your offer is communicated in a way that suggests optimism, pride, and credibility.

5 Rules to Hack Your Sales Game

Rule #3: Know how to use humor to relieve pressure


This is a known art in sales and one of the oldest practices in the sales book. People love to connect with stories, especially ones with humor. It helps ease the pressure and gets prospects to relax. Everyone loves a good chuckle, but make sure that what you say doesn’t offend your prospect. Use humor that causes your prospect to feel good. When someone laughs, they’ll associate that positivity with you and want to continue doing business with you. Make them feel good, inspired and hopeful.


Rule #4: Always treat the buyer like they can


When you treat your prospect as though they have money, they will act as though they have it. They’ll even act in regards to money they don’t even have. This is simple buyer psychology; if you treat someone in a certain manner, they will respond accordingly. Every behavior, word, and facial expression from you must communicate that you’re treating the prospect in front of you as though they are someone who will say yes and go along with your proposal.


Rule #5: Always agree with the buyer and never disagree


Always, always, always agree with your buyer and NEVER disagree, no matter what they say. Now, this is completely different from the saying, “the customer is always right.” That’s absolutely not true, the customer isn’t always right. Whether they’re right or wrong isn’t the issue. If you want to resolve any sort of disagreement, it only requires you to agree with the other person’s point of view so you can actually handle the disagreement. Once you do this, you’ve created some commonality now. Disagreement only results in not closing a deal. Pro tip: you gotta be willing to lose the battle, to win the war (and win the sale).


Sales can be a complex process. More than likely, there’s many salespeople who struggle to win over customers because they haven’t been prospecting the right way or they’re not putting in enough effort. 

5 Rules to Hack Your Sales Game

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