Why Your Sales Team is Failing

Why Your Sales Team is Failing

This story is about a sales team that was boring and unmotivated. They were failing miserably and barely meeting their goals every quarter. The company asked me to come in and turn it around for them because they had tried everything else on the market with no success. 


I told them that if they wanted to be successful, they needed to make some changes right away. The biggest reason why your sales team is failing is likely because you don’t know how to keep them motivated. Here’s a list of ways to keep your sales team upbeat and motivated to crush their sales day:

Why Your Sales Team is Failing

1) Motivate your sales team by focusing on goals


Goals are the single most important part of getting motivated in a sales environment. It has to be done daily and throughout the day rather than once or twice a year. Meeting goals should be celebrated and failure should be analyzed. Goals should be set based on the performance of your sales team as a whole, and as individuals.


2) Motivate your sales team by giving them autonomy


Give the control to your sales team. Allow each individual to decide how they want to meet their goals and how they want to close their sales. If you allow them the freedom of making their own choices, your team will be more likely to try harder and to not give up when things get tough.


3) Motivate your sales team by allowing them to be creative


Allow the team to have some flexibility when they close their sales. Let them know that you will accept different ways of closing the sale, as long as it still leads to a sale. Make sure that all of their methods are tracked so they can monitor if a certain method or style is working better than another, but don’t get too detailed. Being too detailed will take the creativity away from them and make closing sales become a mundane task rather than an interesting challenge.


4) Motivate your sales team by letting them be creative in delivering their product


Tell your sales team that they need to try different ways of selling their products. Have them experiment with different methods of delivering their product, whether it be through a video sales letter or an audio. Every individual is unique and has different strengths. You can meet your goals by letting them use their strengths to deliver a product that is both effective and unique. 


5) Motivate your sales team by rewarding them


It’s a common myth that people work harder to avoid punishment than they do to gain something. In other words, if you take an action to avoid the negative consequences of something, it will probably never change. However, if you add a positive consequence to that action, the behavior will increase dramatically.


6) Motivate your sales team by leading them


The best leaders are the ones that know how to motivate a team. Your goal should be to train yourself to be the best leader you can be. If you are a great motivator, your sales will soar. People want to follow leaders that they can trust to get them through the struggles of life.


7) Motivate your sales team by being a positive motivator


The worst kind of leader is the negative one. If your sales team knows that you are upset or frustrated with them, they will probably start failing more now because their leader is unhappy. You should always be positive with your sales team and celebrate their wins as much or more than you criticize their failures.

Why Your Sales Team is Failing

Motivating your sales team to achieve better results is important. Want to learn how to improve your leadership skills and help your team skyrocket your sales? Check out the courses available at cardoneuniversity.com.



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