Three Ways to Close the Sale

Three Ways to Close the Sale

The art of closing sales is an elusive one. It takes a talent for persuasion, the know-how to present your offer in the best light possible, and an understanding that when you ask someone to buy something from you it’s not really about them at all. 

The customer doesn’t care about what they’re buying as much as how their purchase will make THEM feel. That said, there are some good ways and bad ways to close the sale. Here are three ways to close the sale:

1) Ask for it again – don’t let up until you get a “yes” or “no.” People often say yes after they’ve been worn down by pressure, but only if they still haven’t said no. Remember that persistence pays off. 

One of the best ways to close the sale is by asking questions. You could ask if they have any questions or concerns. Ask them how they feel about the purchase and what their final decision is going to be. 

If they say yes, then tell them everything you will do for them and get their signature on a receipt or contract before you walk away from the sale. If they’re still unsure about making a purchase or if they still have questions, tell them you’d be more than happy to help them and that you’ll follow up in two days.

2) Pull out all the stops – use every piece of evidence you have to show that they should buy from you. Compare yourself to how your competitor does business, how great your product is, and how well taken-care of they’ll be in your hands. 

Three Ways to Close the Sale

Be prepared with evidence of results, customer comments, testimonials and anything else you can use to make your case. By putting in the extra effort, you’ll convince your customer that you’ve gone the extra mile and gotten results.

3) Avoid the “yes” or “no” question – instead, ask them for a commitment. Ask them for something that only a “yes” answer will give you. For example, ask them to agree with you on a point or idea. Make it something small that you can build on to a bigger commitment. Or, ask them for their business card so you can follow up via phone or email. 

You have to get them to say “yes” in some way, shape or form – otherwise you’ve hit the end of your sales presentation. The more “yes” answers you can get from someone, the more likely it is that you will close the sale with them.

Three Ways to Close the Sale

Don’t let your sales call end with a “close.” When you ask someone to buy something from you, they’ll either say yes or no. If the answer is no, you can’t do anything about it except try another tactic and hope for a better result.

If you can tap into how your customer’s brain works at different stages in the purchasing process or lead funnel, you may be able to drive more sales with less effort. 

If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help putting these principles into practice, check out the sales courses we offer at to learn how you can master the art of closing.


Be Great,

Grant Cardone