5 Tips To Increase Sales

5 Tips To Increase Sales

A lot of people try to wing it in sales; some think they’re great talkers, have a like-able personality, high energy, and believe they can use their charm to close the deal. Many people have the idea that all you need is to get in front of people, have a good attitude, and talk about what you have to offer – hopefully they have a need and buy, You need a PROCESS. So, here are 5 tips to increase your sales and improve your selling skills so you always close the deal. 

5 Tips To Increase Sales

1. Make Your Intention Clear


Let your customers know what your intentions are before the meeting. Is your intention to discover and find facts? Is it to close a deal? You have to determine what it is so the other person knows what they’re getting into. Make sure there’s no disconnect between you and the customer. Make everything crystal clear for them and communicate what each person will get out of it. All you have to do is say “Before we get started, I want you to know my intention for this meeting…” and you’re off to a great start!


2. Always Agree


Agreement is vital for every deal. Now, everyone has their own opinions and we are all entitled to them. During this process, don’t allow your ego of being ‘right’ get in the way of you closing the deal. In a typical conversation, most customer service people will try to prove the customer wrong and unfortunately this can go sideways for the business. The key here is to agree with the other person. During your sales process, agreeing allows you to direct the areas that you move through within the process.  


3. Buyer Always Makes A Decision Before You


This means that before you know you have a deal, your customer has already made a decision. Your customer has made up their mind way before you have asked for the close. Here’s the thing, if you overload your customer with too much information, too much data, too much time to think, they’re going to get impatient and could possibly change their minds and you could lose the sale. The trick to increasing your sale in this situation is if your customer brings up money as an objection, you have to introduce the price early in the conversation. Doing this will completely transform your sales process! 


4. Proposal To All

You must show a proposal; figures, investment, price modeling. Show people no matter what they say. The thing is, if your customer is gathering quotes from several other people, give them all the information they need to make a buying decision. They could have other objections that they haven’t even mentioned to you so to cover your basis, always make sure you are giving them what they need to make that decision.


5. Don’t Only Focus On The Close


Here’s the thing, people sell themselves on closing and it goes to their heads. If you have your eye on the close, 90% of the time it’s going to screw your deal up. The whole concept of sales is you must have a PLAN, execute the plan, and follow through on what your intention was in the first place. When we talk about closing, we think that at any point during the sales process, if we can get them to say “yes”, we’ll get the sale. This is wrong; you could have them saying “yes” a few times throughout the process and they still might not buy! Look, if you focus on closing all the time it will take your eye off what you need to be doing that will ultimately lead to a close.

5 Tips To Increase Sales

You can start implementing these tips today to increase your likelihood of getting a deal and get your customer to pay you more money! Want to learn more about how you can master your selling skills? Visit cardoneuniversity.com for access to sales courses and programs.



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Grant Cardone