How to Hire The Right People

How to Hire The Right People

The biggest problem in business is hiring the wrong people. Today, I want to talk to you about how to hire the right people.


We have all heard horror stories of bad hires and how they can cost your company hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. There’s always someone who gossips about everyone in the office, the one that always places blame on their coworker, or the one who has no idea what they’re doing and makes someone else fix their mistakes. 


I get it – every business owner has been there, done that and has probably wanted to clone their best employees. But since we can’t do that – we have to find people who fit our checklist who can do the job, fit in with our company, and someone who is hardworking. 


Hiring is a gamble, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to ensure that you hire the right person for the job every time! I will teach you exactly how to hire great employees so your business runs smoothly and efficiently because we know that if one part isn’t working properly then everything else suffers as well…

How to Hire The Right People

You need to know what you want in advance. You can’t expect the job seeker to already know everything about your company so it’s up to you as a business owner or manager to be clear and specific about what qualities they should possess, even if that means describing yourself!


Don’t just ask for someone who is looking for work. Make sure that they are qualified and capable of doing the tasks required by their position. Do not hire anyone without fully checking their resume first because this will save both time and money from an inevitable bad hire down the line. If the position is a high paying one and important, then make sure that your candidates are qualified before hiring them. You might think that because of the pay rate that anyone can do the job but this isn’t always true…


Define your company culture. Do you want someone who fits in with it or do they have to be their own person? You have to envision this person working alongside your other employees. A good way to see if they’d be the right fit is to ask situational questions and see what their thought process is like and how they would handle situations.


Be clear and upfront about what you expect from your employees. Don’t just hire based on need without knowing if they will fit into company culture! This will save time for everyone involved as well as money down the line when mistakes happen because people weren’t right for the job to begin with.


Carefully prescreen your applicants to find the right people for your company. Have an interview with every candidate and only hire those who you feel will be a good fit, even if their qualifications are not as strong as others’. This is important because it ensures that everyone on staff has fitting qualities to help support other employees in the workplace.


Prepare for the interview. Have a list of questions to ask. The first five minutes are crucial – make sure you have planned out what you want to talk about before they arrive so that your instincts kick in and keep on going!

How to Hire The Right People

If you’ve done the screening, an extensive interview process and have a goal in mind of who will be the right person to hire for your company, I promise you that the chances of hiring the wrong person will be slim. 


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Be Great,


Grant Cardone