7 Requirements for Closing The Sale

7 Requirements for Closing The Sale

Before I begin–if any 1 of the below 7 requirements for closing the sale are missing, you will not close the sale. 


Important things you should know…


“The close is not for you, it is for the customer.”

“The close represents 100% of your earnings.” 

“The close is the first time your buyer benefits.”

7 Requirements for Closing The Sale

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These are some things that are vital to your success when it comes to selling and closing:


  1. You must go straight to the decision maker. Believe in your product or service and negate your fear by getting into action. Pure, massive action will drown fear in no time.


  1. Have wherewithal, you must have the means and resources to close the sale. Commit to the sale, devote your energy, and do everything in your power to seal the deal. Your customer will find the wherewithal to purchase what you’re selling if you provide enough information, benefits, and a clear offer.


  1. You must be sold on the product. A true professional salesperson is impervious to any negativity because he is a pro and is operating at levels far beyond the average player of the game. A professional knows that to sell is to serve and he or she believes so strongly in his product, service, company, and him or herself that the motives that drive that individual are not just about “getting the commission.” A true professional salesperson is motivated by truly helping others.


  1. Believe in YOU. Believe in your product, your company, yourself, and that you know all the value and benefits of it. You’ll experience a confidence that you cannot put any value on and that is worth more than money itself. You’ll be able to name your price, go where you want, work with whomever you choose, sell whatever products you choose to sell, and provide for yourself and your family in ways that most people only dream of!


  1. You need to have confidence in the product and show that It can solve their problem. If you don’t truly believe that your product will somehow bring the buyer more enjoyment, benefit, or security than the numbers they have in the bank, then you’ll never be a great salesperson. Your buyer will believe what he sees, not what he hears! Talking and telling aren’t closing. Always have a written offer. You must believe that what you’re offering is the right thing for the prospect. 


  1. Have a written offer. Always have your presentation, proposals, and prices in writing for the buyer so they can see it with their own eyes. Closing is getting the buyer to take action and agree to exchange something of value for what it is you offer; that is, close on your offer and solution. Always, always, always write down what you’ve said, offered, proposed, promised, implied, and suggested. Anytime you’re going for the close, insist on putting it in writing. 


  1. Create Urgency. You must build urgency in your close. The URGENCY must be a legitimate benefit for the buyer. If you do not have URGENCY you will not close. You need to handle the why, solve a problem, provide relief, and be done and over.

7 Requirements for Closing The Sale

“Don’t compete; dominate with your product, company, personality, and your offer. If you 

aren’t the difference maker then others will forever outsell you with a cheaper price or better offer.” – Grant Cardone


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Be great,


Grant Cardone