Traits of Top performing Salespeople

Traits of Top performing Salespeople

For most people, sales scares the living heck outta them, but not you. If you wanna become the best of + best in sales, you have to learn about the traits of top performing salespeople, adopt them, and you too can find success. 

Traits of Top performing Salespeople

#1 Knowledgeable. The top performing salesperson is a person who knows their product/service inside and out. They know the features, benefits, specifications, etc., but more than that they know how it will help the customer to make money or save time. 


#2 Confidence. Top sales performers are confident in what they’re selling–they don’t need to sell themselves using fancy pitches because they have facts on their side! This confidence helps them build rapport with customers by being friendly while not appearing too pushy. 


#3 Understanding. You can also increase your chance of success by following up often with potential leads and asking about any questions or concerns before you pitch anything else! Remember: sales isn’t just about closing deals; sometimes understanding your client needs first makes for better partnerships in the long run.


#4 Personable. Another trait is being personable; sales isn’t just cold calling people. They can use their rapport with customers from previous conversations in order to close deals because potential leads trust them enough to listen without feeling pressured. 


#5 Resilient. They know that it’s going to be hard and they’re prepared for the challenge. Sales is a tough career if you want to make money, so having someone who can keep their head up when times get tough is incredibly necessary!


#6 Time management skills. They are able to balance both work life and personal life with ease because they have found a way in which works best for them. This means being flexible with hours but also not taking on too much outside of your main job responsibilities. 


#7 Persistent. They are not easily discouraged and know that the more they do, the closer they are getting to their goal. They have strong self-motivation skills which can be a huge asset in sales.


#8 Optimistic. They are always looking for the next opportunity and have a great sense of humor. They know that it isn’t about how many things go wrong, but what they do after those failures happen. Always stay positive.


#9 Committed. The best salespeople are committed to helping the company succeed. They are committed to the product or service they sell and ensuring that it is top quality because if there’s one thing a customer will remember, it’s an experience with your product.

Traits of Top performing Salespeople

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