How To Close Deals For Massive Profit

How To Close Deals For Massive Profit

The #1 way to become a selling machine is to learn how to close deals for massive profit. How do you do that? There’s a few things you need to know about closing deals and that involves the following:

How To Close Deals For Massive Profit

Strengthen Your Sales Pitch: Emphasize the benefits that come with taking action. Your sales pitch is a promise of what will happen if the customer makes it past your first step, so use words that entice and energize them to take action.


Simplify The Process: State how easy this process will be for them. Be confident in your product or service; don’t apologize for anything! Let them know you’ll take care of everything and all they have to do is sign their name and shake hands. 


Don’t Talk, Listen: When you stop talking and listen to your customers, they’ll feel important and not like “just another sale”. Listen to their needs and show them how easily they can be met with the product or service. This gives your customer a sense of security in their purchase decision. 


Treat Your Customer Like A Millionaire: ALWAYS treat your customers as if they are millionaires and have the money ready for you. Treat them like gold and that’s what you’ll receive. Make them feel special and as though this is one of the best decisions they’ll ever make.


Create Urgency: Time is money and the best way to close more deals is to create a sense of urgency and limit the amount of time they have to make their decision. Don’t rush them; give them more reason to see the value and incentive to lock in the deal.


Address Objections: When somebody tells me “I just can’t afford this,” I reply with “That means we need to come up with some ways where YOU CAN!” If the price is high but your customer knows the value of your product or service and how it’ll solve their problem, there’s room for negotiation. Always present with benefits and value and you’ll always close the deal.


Learn From The Best: I want you to have everything you need in your back pocket to close the deal and get massive profits. I teach you the best sales and closing techniques in my course “How To Close Deals: Massive Profits” at Cardone University. 


How To Close Deals For Massive Profit

Remember, to close any deal and make massive profits from it, develop strong and real relationships with people. Gain their trust and treat them like royalty. But don’t be too soft or else you risk losing the deal. Keep things straightforward and upfront with them and I promise you will always close the deal and get more than you thought in return.


Grant Cardone