How Does Your Sales Team Measure Up?

How Does Your Sales Team Measure Up?

How does your sales team measure up against other successful sales teams? A lot can be said about your sales team when you compare numbers with others. Are they selling enough? Are they making enough calls? Are they closing enough deals? What are their strategies? Are they trying new sales tactics? 


As we head into Q4, it’s crucial to note why your sales team isn’t measuring up. It’s not what your competition is doing. It’s not your pricing. It’s not your margin. It is that your sales team is…average. If you continue to accept ‘average’, you will get eaten up in the business world.

How Does Your Sales Team Measure Up?


My sales team consistently kills it daily. They close deals from morning until night and bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. If you want your sales team to skyrocket your sales success, you have to train them not to be average.


In my book Be Obsessed Or Be Average, I talk about this all the time. There’s no way your sales team can pull outstanding numbers if they’re not taking the action they need to, to get the results they want. If you wish to profit millions, you’ll have to make it clear with your sales team about your goals and then, together, create a plan to achieve those sales goals. Let’s talk about how you can build an OBSESSED sales team that measures up and can consistently close deals. 


You need to SHIFT your mindset to be obsessed. You can’t build a great sales team if you are average or your manager is. You can’t make a great team with great people if the leadership is not obsessed with the dream. The top players in this world have one thing in common: Obsession. Average people do not produce obsessed results. That’s the bottom line.


It would be best to find people who are highly interested, highly engaged, excited to come to work and make more money. It doesn’t matter what demographic they are in; make sure they are hungry for more and genuinely want to succeed. If you can find these obsessed people, you will win the sales game and beat your competitors.


When you want to create a sales machine, it all starts with outstanding leadership. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Howard Shultz, Einstein, and even Jesus Christ were all obsessed and produced their desired results. If you don’t have an obsessed leader, your team won’t be either. 

How Does Your Sales Team Measure Up?


Find inspiration from the most outstanding leaders of our time, and you will notice that all of them are obsessed with results and achieving their goals. They reach those goals every time because they want it badly enough and seek out people with the same vision who can help them produce those results.


You must be obsessed with the game, obsessed with results, obsessed with winning. If you play small, you will not find the obsessed people to build up a successful sales team. 

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